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Maintain the glow: How to properly restore weathered teak furniture

Read all about how to properly restore your teak furniture

Maintain the glow: How to properly restore weathered teak furniture

 Reclaimed teak is often a popular choice for garden furniture. However, over time, like most outdoor materials, this stunning wood can weather. But fear not! You can restore weathered wood easily using items you’ll most likely have at home. In this blog, we will discuss all the best ways to help you rejuvenate your weathered furniture just like we did with this old Valencia 3m reclaimed teak table, with just a few simple steps!


Step 1: Jet Washing

To effectively eliminate a significant amount of dirt, it’s important to begin by using a high-pressure jet wash on your furniture. Why is jet washing beneficial, you may wonder? Well, jet washing is a highly efficient method for completely removing any dirt, grease, or algae from your furniture. This is essential for preventing any additional damage and ensuring your safety. Additionally, it helps to enhance the appearance of the surface, resulting in a cleaner and brighter look.

Step 2: Sanding

Once you have washed your surface it is important to let it dry. You should leave it for around 24 hours before tending to it again, to ensure it has dried thoroughly. Once dried, you can proceed with sanding! If you’re using a sanding block, it’s best to sand in long, light, and even strokes along the grain of the wood. Be careful not to press too hard or you can cause gouging to the edge of your sanding block and of course, make sure to change the sandpaper to a new sheet as soon as it starts to lose its roughness and wear smooth.

Step 3: Golden Care

The third and final step when restoring your teak furniture is to use our Golden Care products.

Should I treat my teak furniture with teak oil?

One of the most important things we always say to our customers is to never use teak oil for teak products! This may seem a little backwards but hear us out… The reason for this is that teak alone is extremely high in natural oils. So, if you add oil to an already oil-rich product, you end up trapping a layer of moisture on top of the wood, which can cause that dreaded mold!

What is the best way to treat teak outdoor furniture?

That’s where Golden Care comes in! These water-based products are the perfect way to take extra special care of your teak furniture without causing damage and losing any of its quality. Helping to bring back the gorgeous golden hue that teak possesses, is our Golden Teak Cleaner! This formula is created to brighten and restore the natural appeal of teak wood. Unlike most teak cleaners on the market, this formula only requires a one-step process because it cleans and brightens all in one! What’s more, it's non-hazardous!

Of course, many of us choose teak for outdoor furniture because of its appeal and longevity. It’s also highly durable and does not require regular treatment. Over time, however, the golden hue we all love will turn into a silver-grey patina, but you can preserve its sun-kissed glow by using Golden Care products to clean and care for your teak furniture.

You don’t have to stop there! You can opt to use our Vintage Teak Protector; this is highly recommended for reclaimed teak and will help to maintain the darker colour of reclaimed and weathered teak for a longer period of time.

If you’re planning on restoring a teak dining table, we highly recommend our Invisible Wood shield. This product helps to prevent even the harshest of stains, from coffee and wine to ketchup and olive oil. This means that by using this product, in the event of a spillage, the table can be cleaned by simply wiping a damp cloth over the surface without causing damage.

Big Green Egg Demo Day: An Egg-citing event

Read all about our Big Green Egg Demo Day here!

Big Green Egg Demo Day: An Egg-citing event

There's nothing like firing up your first BBQ of the year on a warm summer day. The sizzle of the grill, the smell of the food, and the warmth of the sun create the perfect atmosphere. But what if there was a way to elevate this experience even further? That's where the Big Green Egg comes in!

The Big Green Egg has a remarkable 50-year history of delivering exceptional results. It is renowned for its distinctive style and, most notably, its ability to produce a variety of delicious dishes. This one-of-a-kind invention is outstanding and we think it's definitely worth celebrating!

So, to commemorate their 50th anniversary, we hosted a Big Green Egg Demo Day here at our showroom, and what an egg-cellent day it was! On the 27th of May, we opened our doors and turned our garden furniture showroom into a fine dining experience for everyone to enjoy.  Our guests enjoyed mouth-watering food cooked on the egg by our very own in-house culinary expert, Royan, followed by a demonstration on how to use the egg to its full potential. 

But it wouldn’t have been a celebration without bubbles so, of course, it was all washed down with a glass of prosecco! Everything we had on offer including delectable chicken wings, steak, rubs, and beverages were very kindly provided by Big Green Egg themselves, so we were able to give our guests the perfect dining experience.

Is the Big Green Egg worth it?

Absolutely! This innovative BBQ offers more than just another way to cook your meals– it provides a lifetime of unforgettable culinary experiences. Constructed with NASA-grade ceramics, the Big Green Egg comes with a lifetime guarantee. Not only is it highly durable and able to withstand the elements, but it also maintains its appeal throughout the year. Additionally, you have a variety of cooking options to choose from, allowing you to prepare any type of meal, whether you're grilling, roasting, baking, pan-cooking, or smoking, it really does provide you with endless possibilities.

It doesn’t stop there! Depending on your requirements, there are a variety of sizes to suit your every need. If you’re looking to cater for a bigger party, you may want to consider the XL Egg for multi-dish meals. If you’re seeking something for the family to enjoy, the Large Egg is your best bet! And if you’re looking to simply cook for yourself and a loved one then you could opt for the MiniMax, perfect for small groups or for using alongside another egg!

What’s more, our contemporary Bari Kitchen Range is the perfect addition to house your Big Green Egg! At GFC, we offer a range of specially designed components that fit this oven perfectly. You can choose from fixed units or trolley units that give you the flexibility to move your oven to any space in your garden. The Bari Kitchen Range is sleek in design and carefully crafted with high-quality materials including teak, adding an elegant touch to your outdoor kitchen area. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue or simply enjoying a peaceful evening meal, the Bari Kitchen Range enhances the functionality and style of your outdoor cooking experience. With its durable construction and versatile options, you can create the perfect setup that suits you and your specific cooking and entertaining needs.

So, if you’ve been looking for a way to enhance your BBQ parties then look no further than the Big Green Egg! You won’t be disappointed.


Love Logs: Simple steps to a sustainable future

Read all about our collaboration with Love Logs here!

Introducing Love Logs

Have you ever had a package delivered to your door and been shocked at the amount of unnecessary plastic the company has used? Have you ever been to a supermarket and carried your shopping to the car in protest of buying plastic bags? Have you ever wondered what the world would look like if we all made more sustainable choices? Well, thankfully the number of companies recognising ways to become greener is increasing! A prime example is Love Logs. Love Logs was founded by Paul and Heather, in 2020 and is now a widely successful and highly recognised sustainable business. It was brought to the couple’s attention that there is a huge gap in the market for efficient and high-quality deliveries without the use of plastic. So, they set out on a mission to enhance change within the firewood industry. Their brand provides British firewood logs with low moisture content; thus, they produce fewer particulate emissions and can burn for a longer period. Paul and Heather ensure all their logs are dried in biomass-fueled kilns to ensure optimum performance and lower emissions. In addition, they ship their logs in 100% recyclable cardboard boxes and use only paper tape to seal them. Sustainability, quality, and convenience are at the heart of what they do and it’s safe to say they certainly live up to their values. With a genuine passion for our planet, their goal is to supply environmentally friendly logs in completely plastic-free packaging all while giving back to our ecosystems. So far, Paul and Heather have planted over 50,000 trees to replace those that are being chopped down! What’s even more amazing is that they have encouraged other companies to come up with more sustainable solutions within their businesses too!

An example of another company that has adopted a more sustainable approach is the widely recognised food chain, Leon. Leon has swapped out their plastic straws and cutlery for biodegradable alternatives, they offer a range of vegan options, and sell fairtrade coffee all while giving back to the World Land Trust. Then, there are smaller businesses like Organic Bath Co. They have adopted a plant-a-tree approach for every order placed. What's more, they also use organic products to produce their skincare and have switched to 100% recycled plastic packaging. Some companies are even eliminating plastic from their packaging altogether and recycling any that comes into their hands!

Now, we aren’t suggesting that every business become totally plastic-free. It’s simply not possible! Many of our bigger companies are hugely reliant on plastic to ship their products, even if the product itself is sustainable. You may be wondering, with all the alternative options available these days, why can’t businesses be plastic-free? Unfortunately, it all comes down to money. On the plus side, while we all know it's going to be a long journey to save the planet, it's heartwarming to see that so many companies are recognising the importance of swapping their plastics for greener alternatives!

British vs Imported

While cutting down on plastics is a huge step in the right direction, it isn’t enough to significantly benefit our planet. It is important that when companies are making sustainable choices, they consider a multitude of ways to do so. For example, have you ever considered how far your parcel has had to travel to get to your door? Or even arrive at the country you live in! Often, it’s not something any of us consider when ordering online, and yet every time a product is imported from another country, it significantly increases carbon emissions and impacts our environment. Did you know that over half of the firewood and charcoal sold in the UK alone is imported and driven thousands of miles every day? It’s bizarre to think about when we have many thriving forestlands here! However, it's not all doom and gloom! A handful of companies are also establishing a way of fixing the issue and acknowledging the importance of using British produce for their business.

We are all aware we cannot change the world overnight, but there are ways companies can drive change within the business industry and do their bit to help. Whether that be switching up the use of plastic for a more planet-friendly alternative or decreasing their use of imported goods and using more local produce for their business, if we all work in tandem, we can make huge changes!

Our mission

We are teaming up with Paul and Heather from Love Logs to promote the usage of sustainable wood alongside our much-loved Ooni Pizza Ovens. Love Logs – among other products- produces British pizza oven wood pellets that are manufactured from 100% virgin British wood with no binders or fillers. With less than 10% moisture content, the Pizza Oven Wood Pellets will light easily and get your pizza oven up to pizza cooking temperature quickly. These particular pellets are a fantastic alternative to the Ooni pellets as they work hand in hand with Ooni pizza ovens.

So, the next time you go to purchase logs for your fireplace, or pellets for your pizza ovens, consider Love Logs. You’ll be doing our home a favour.

You can read more about Paul and Heather’s journey and their mission to help the planet here.







Take Out The Trash: A Wheelie Impressive Transformation

Read all about our latest outdoor transformation!

How to hide wheelie bins outside

Wheelie bins have never been all that appealing, we are always thinking of ways to hide them whether we tuck them in a corner behind the house, leave them at the back of the garden, or even shove them in the garage…out of sight out of mind! But here at the Garden Furniture Centre, we make it our mission to enhance any outdoor space in whatever way we can, even when it comes to bins! This is why we chose to invest in the ingenious idea of Galvanized Steel Wheelie Bin Covers. In a choice of a stylish anthracite grey or a stunning wood effect, these covers offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor storage solution for displeasing wheelie bins. Manufactured using galvanized steel these covers provide protection against harsh weather conditions while remaining sturdy and intact for years to come. That’s not all! We even have covers equipped with planters! So, not only will these covers minimize the sight of your bins, you also have the option to add some gorgeous plants and flowers too!

We’ve quite literally got you covered! With these covers, you can create the size you need. So, if you have more than one wheelie bin to hide, you can choose from our options of singles, doubles, and even super doubles! You have the choice of combining a double and a single to create a triple cover, or you could opt for two doubles and create a super double, fit for hiding up to four wheelie bins.

The Doors

Believe it or not, there's more! Now that we’ve established their high-quality and sophisticated appeal, let’s talk about their security. When it comes to storing items away, we always want to make sure they’re secure, even if that item is…trash! To prevent any unwanted guests from sneaking into your bins at night, these covers come with easy-to-use and extremely efficient lockable doors. With a simple turn of a key, your bins will be locked away safely.

The Lids

Finally, there’s the lids. To make things even more efficient the cover lids attach to your wheelie bin lid with ease, allowing you to hold the lid with one hand and throw your rubbish away with the other. Additionally, the lids are soft closing, so you don’t have to worry about waking the neighbours when you’re throwing away your wine bottles late at night! As we said, we’ve got you covered.

The Curry Republic Transformation

It’s no surprise that The Curry Republic. receives five-star online reviews! Renowned for its tasty tandoori chicken, delectable Dalla bora and so much more, it really is the best curry house in town! Despite all this, however, owner Rhaj found some room for improvement. Of course, it had nothing to do with the food! It was all to do with the outside aesthetic. The Curry Republic was displaying some rather unsightly wheelie bin covers right outside the restaurant and that is why Rhaj came to us for some help!

It's no secret that we supply some of the best wheelie bin covers on the market – not to be biased! They are not only pleasing to look at, but they are also highly secure and extremely low maintenance. So, without hesitation, our managing director, Jon, was straight to it! Offering some of our beautiful Anthracite Steel Wheelie Bin Covers to replace the eyesores that were there before.

What a transformation, and we aren’t the only ones who think so! Since installing these covers, we have been told by several locals that they are a significant improvement, and it’s safe to say Rhaj thinks so too!

So, if like Rhaj you want to add some class to your bins, head on over to our range of wheelie bin covers and make your neighbours wheelie jealous!










Bringing your indoors, outdoors

A guide to brining your indoors, outdoors

Bringing indoors outdoors

It’s that time of year again when the day gets a little longer, our evenings are filled with golden hues, we hear the gentle natters of neighbours in their gardens, and we spend more time outside than we do inside! After a long winter, it couldn’t come at a better time. Here, at the Garden Furniture Centre, we understand the need and want to have your outdoor space ready for this glorious season. So, sit back and pour yourself your favourite beverage while we tell you all about how you can bring your indoors, outdoors.

Lounge under the sun

Sometimes all we need is the sun, a glass of wine, and the perfect serene set-up. Unfortunately, we can’t offer you the sun or indeed the wine but we do offer top-quality, stylish and highly comfortable lounge suites and sets. See our sophisticated Sienna range, guaranteed to provide you with endless comfort while maintaining its structure and style. With sleek teak armrests and highly durable frames, this range is sure to give you a lifetime of luxury! You can truly bring your living room outdoors with this range, with sofas, armchairs, coffee tables and even sun loungers on offer, we have no doubts that you will be able to create the ultimate garden lounge area for you and your guests to enjoy.

Perhaps you fancy something a little more exotic. We offer a timeless Fiji Pipe range that is not only eye-catching in design but also exclusive to the Garden Furniture Centre! This set will surely make your friends and family envious. What’s more, the frames and delicate weave on this set are 100% recyclable, making it sustainable and heavenly all at once. The generous seating space and wide armrests are topped with sumptuous olefin cushions that have firm seat pads and soft hollow fibre giving you ultimate relaxation all round.

If you’re looking to bring your living room out into the sultry summer air then be sure to explore our variety of lounge suites and sets on our website.

Alfresco dining

The smell of BBQs in the air, glasses clinking and music softly playing. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Dining outside is one of many things we all look forward to when the longer evenings ooze in, and that’s why we have an array of outdoor dining sets available for you to choose from. One of our most popular is the Bari Teak Bar Armchair Set, thoughtfully crafted from reclaimed teak, each set is rich in character and unique in design. Additionally, this Bari set is built with a robust and scratch-resistant ceramic tabletop, so it will keep its contemporary look for years to come. The Teak Bar Chairs are made to withstand harsh weather conditions, so even when those inevitable summer storms creep in, you don’t have to worry about your dining set getting ruined. This set is the ultimate way to elevate your garden dining space and create a dinner party experience your guests will remember.

You may be looking for something to spice up your poolside. That’s where our Cambusa dining set comes in. This set radiates elegance and class giving you the optimum dining area for hosting lavish parties. These Cambusa sets are produced by HIGOLD, in a stylish yet sturdy powder-coated aluminium frame that’s easily cleaned and will maintain its appeal over time.

Golden hour cooking

What’s better than an indoor kitchen? An outdoor one of course! You can totally transform your garden with our gorgeous range of Outdoor Kitchen units and equipment. Our spectacular Bari Outdoor Kitchen range is one of our most favoured products and it’s not difficult to see why! Finished with a beautiful teak exterior while also being fully efficient, this kitchen set is designed to give you a lifetime of delightful cooking experiences. Each countertop is manufactured out of high-quality ceramic, meaning it is resistant to UV rays, scratches and extreme temperatures! This range comes with an assortment of modular kitchen units from BBQs to wine cabinets, fridges, and even the kitchen sink! With our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range, you can build your dream kitchen with just the click of a button.

If you’re looking to create the ideal outdoor area ready for those glorious summer days then look no further than the Garden Furniture Centre, and bring your indoors, outdoors.




Lutyens benches: A Timeless Garden Addition

Read about our range of stunning Lutyens benches

Lutyens benches: A timeless garden addition

Originally known as the Thakeham, Lutyens benches were designed for Little Thakeham, an estate featuring a private abode and gardens crafted by Sir Edwin Lutyens at the turn of the 20th century. Now, regarded as one of the architect's finest projects...

Our Lutyens benches are the perfect blend of sophistication, elegance, and endless comfort. Delicately designed to resonate with the idiosyncratic, artistic vision of Sir Edwin Lutyens – a renowned British architect - these benches are an absolute must when it comes to elevating any garden or outdoor space, whether it be a quintessential English garden or a contemporary, high-end patio.

Investing in one of these charming benches will add the elegance and class to your outdoor area that you’ve been searching for. With their distinctive style, paired with the gorgeous blends of high-quality teak wood and its decorous design, you can embrace its beauty for many years.

Why are Lutyens benches a popular bench choice?

Due to its stunning, eye-catching design, Lutyens benches are one of the most popular bench styles in the UK. Doused in the highest-quality teak and their enduring appeal, it’s no wonder teak benches are a popular choice for garden furniture, especially Lutyens! Teak wood is renowned for its durability and long-life guarantee, which is why many people seek to find benches like these to enhance their garden space. Additionally, ethically sourced grade A teak like this can withstand any weather element, maintaining its exquisite beauty all year round.

Lutyens benches are considered to be a premium feature, due to the fact they are carefully crafted from top-quality materials and have a distinguished design. It has been said that Lutyens are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, which produced a high demand for furniture made from natural, high-quality materials. So, with that in mind, Lutyens aren't just a 'standard bench' they are a prominent and decorative piece of art, which is why it's not uncommon to see these wonderful creations being used as focal points.

What is the typical lifespan of a teak garden bench?

What’s more, teak is saturated with natural oils giving it a glorious golden hue, its fine grain merely enhances its graceful appeal. As the teak matures over time, this golden hue will gradually develop into a stunning silver-grey patina, naturally adding even more charm to your outdoor area. Therefore, not only is grade A leak heavily on the eyes, it is also highly durable and naturally highly resistant. 

Authentically crafted Lutyens benches should require very little maintenance in order to preserve its perpetual charm. Nonetheless, like all furnishings in an outdoor environment, these benches will require some maintenance now and then. For this, we highly recommend purchasing a simple teak protection kit, which we provide here at The Garden Furniture Centre. These kits are easy-to-use formulas that provide you with all you need to ensure your Lutyens bench keeps its state-of-the-art feel for years to come.

So, why not include a pinch of eternal luxury in your garden – ideal for those moments of relaxation we all love?




Read about our new project to help the planet become greener

Here at the Garden Furniture Centre, we are constantly thinking of ways to become more sustainable. This is why we have decided it’s time to start giving back to our planet. However, we need your help! When purchasing any of our Teak Benches for Sale on our website, you will have the option to add ‘plant a tree’ to your basket at no extra charge.

You have the choice of a range of teak benches on our website from stunning Mandalay Curved Benches, to our magnificent Malvern Teak Benches, to winsome Memorial Benches, and more! We take great pride in offering top-quality grade-A teak furniture to our customers. Not only do they have exquisite elegance and a distinctive character, you can make them personal to you or a loved one with the option of having them engraved!

What's more, not only is teak wood heavenly on the eyes, it is also the perfect material for any garden furniture. This is because it is highly durable and rich in oils making our teak products immensely weather-resistant, so you can leave your teak bench out come rain, snow, or shine! Additionally, teak wood has a brilliantly long lifespan of up to 70 years! On top of that, teak ages like a fine wine and grows old gracefully. Over time, the gorgeous golden hue will become a timeless silver/grey patina.

Once you have purchased one of our Teak Benches, our GFC team will get their hands dirty and begin planting your trees. You can follow the journey by simply following our social media channels and keeping up to date with any posts. So, let’s delve into why planting trees could be a ‘root’ to solving the world’s most complex issue.


How can planting more trees help save the planet?

Planting trees comes with a multitude of benefits for our planet, like encouraging more biodiversity, tackling climate change, and managing our ecosystems. Climate change has a detrimental impact on all of us, and often we can all feel a little helpless. But, by planting as many trees as we can, we can help to slow down the rate of destruction and protect the habitats of our furry neighbours. Trees, as we know, play a huge role in capturing and storing carbon. Our woodland ecosystems absorb the carbon in the atmosphere and can keep it locked away for centuries. Trees are essential not only for us but for our wildlife and the environment.


What trees are we planting and where?

We plan to create a stunning hedgerow out of a mix of rural hedges, these little trees will provide a perfect home for some of our smaller local wildlife. The best hedges for creatures like nesting birds and hibernating hedgehogs are those that are made up of a variety of wood types. That’s why we are planting a fantastic range of trees from Hawthorns to Crab apples, to Blackthorns, Hazels, and more to create the best habitats. The trees will be planted in the beautiful rural area of Wooton Wawen and don’t worry, they will be well looked after and have all the right sheep proofing to prevent your delightful trees from being ruined!

There’s no time like the present…

It may sound like we are running out of time, but it's better to start now than never at all. If we all work together, we can help get our planet back on its feet. So, join us! Get your hands on one of our Teak Benches for Sale and help us to help our home!  


Beyond the Bin: Transform Your Outdoor Space with Stylish Wheelie Bin Covers

Read how to transform your outdoor space with stylish wheelie bin covers

Beyond the Bin: Transform Your Outdoor Space with Stylish Wheelie Bin Covers

When you think about wheelie bin covers, you might not associate them with possessing style or character because after all, they are only storing your wheelie bins. However, at the Garden Furniture Centre, we believe that anything can be stylish which is why our wheelie bin cover range is the perfect place to find the ideal match for your wheelie bin! In this blog post, we will be looking into how your wheelie bin can be transformed into a stunning staple in your outdoor area, as well as providing safety and security for your surrounding environment.

What are the benefits of wheelie bin covers?

Wheelie bin covers are a huge benefit to any outdoor area whether it is commercial or domestic. But why are bin stores so popular? Well, there are several reasons why wheelie bin covers have made a name for themselves:


Wheelie bin covers are not something you would initially think provides you with practical and aesthetic benefits, but they do! The main advantage is their stylish appeal and how they can elevate your outdoor space by hiding your standard wheelie bins in plain sight. Our Galvanised Steel Wheelie Bin Covers (with or without planters) are the ideal way to bring elegance and practicality to your garden area, as well as concealing the view of any abject waste. You can even mask unwanted odors by planting flowers and herbs in the designated planter sections located on the top!


Another important benefit is how wheelie bin covers provide an extra level of security from animals and even people accessing your bins. Our wheelie bin covers come equipped with a locking handle so you can keep your bins secure at all times. They are also fitted with hydraulic-powered lids so you can easily dispose of waste with minimal hassle. What is more, you can protect your wheelie bins from any harsh weather conditions as their galvanised coating is resistant to rain, rust, and erosion to keep your bins continuously protected all year round.

Low Maintenance

Cleaning the area around your wheelie bins is not a pleasant task but it is something that needs to be done a few times a year. Our wheelie bin covers are designed to protect and minimise the amount of external debris that will collate in your outdoor space, as well as any rubbish that can be blown away due to extreme weather conditions. With their high-grade galvanised steel coating, you can easily wipe the covers down as and when you need with minimal effort.

Why is there a need to cover wheelie bins?

The use of wheelie bin covers will significantly increase and encourage you to dispose of waste responsibly as you are containing and managing the condition of your wheelie bins. With their aesthetic and stylish benefits, you are also creating a more appealing environment for your outdoor area which friends and family will certainly notice! With the small addition of wheelie bin covers in your home area, you are making an important step to combat waste management as well as making an environmental change.

Come and visit our Wheelie Bin Cover range at our showroom in Wootton Wawen or check out our range online!

Outdoor Cooking: Creating a Culinary Escape in Your Garden

Read how to elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our outdoor kitchens

Cooking outdoors might seem like a daunting task, however, it doesn’t have to be. Outdoor kitchens and BBQs are becoming all the range and at the Garden Furniture Centre, we are jumping on board the outdoor cooking train! From outdoor kitchens to pizza ovens, there are multiple ways for you to make the most out of our garden and turn it into a culinary dream. In this blog post, we will discover how outdoor kitchens can elevate your cooking experience as well as discussing the benefits outdoor cooking can bring.

What is an outdoor kitchen and how is it constructed?

It might seem obvious what an outdoor kitchen is, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. An outdoor kitchen is a functional area which acts as an extension to your home. It is also designed to be a setting for entertaining guests with its inclusion of cooking appliances, storage compartments, and even a designated dining area!

Depending on your available space, it is best to plan the preferred layout of your outdoor kitchen. This will help you visualise what you need to add or take away so you can get it right the first time. Our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range is the perfect solution for any outdoor kitchen needs with its autonomous components making it easy for you to construct your dream outdoor cooking experience. With its scratch-resistant ceramic surface and grade-A teak structure, our Bari range will provide elegance and sustainability to make your outdoor cooking experience unforgettable.

What are the essential components of an outdoor kitchen?

The main benefit of an outdoor kitchen is its versatile customisation! You can add your centrepiece cooking appliances such as a gas or electric grill with additional storage components making up the rest of the space. The key elements that make up an outdoor kitchen do vary depending on your preference; however, it is standard to have storage cabinets, a sink unit, a fridge unit and even a bar area. It is important to remember that your outdoor kitchen should cater to your personal taste and style, so don’t be afraid to go big or small!

What material is used for an outdoor kitchen?

When constructing your own outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider how durable and sustainable the components will be. With our Bari range, we have ensured that you will get quality and style combined! Crafted out of grade A reclaimed Indonesian teak and a scratch-resistant ceramic top, you are guaranteed decades of outdoor cooking with minimal maintenance. Complete with galvanised hinges and soft close doors, you can store all your cooking equipment safely and efficiently all year round.

Big Green Egg

With our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range, we offer a wide selection of components to accommodate your outdoor space. Our newest addition is the Big Green Egg outdoor oven which certainly elevates your outdoor cooking experience! This infamous outdoor oven has taken the culinary world by storm with its weatherproof casing and temperature control technology. You can fit your Big Green Egg oven in our specially designed Big Green Egg unit which is either fixed or on wheels so you can enjoy delicious dishes in your garden space.  

 What are some tips for barbecuing on a Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg will reward you with a cooking experience you will never forget. With its temperature control mechanism, you can adjust the top and bottom vents to control the airflow that enters the egg to create optimal cooking conditions. It is best to give yourself some extra time to preheat the egg so that you can keep a stable and consistent temperature.

The best way to get the most out of your Big Green Egg oven is simply to experiment! Try out different cooking methods such as indirect and direct grilling, smoking, baking, and spit roasting. Investing in some high-quality accessories will also make your cooking experience even more special for you and your guests.

Pizza Ovens

If you want to really impress your friends and family, then you cannot go wrong with having a pizza oven to take your pizzas to a new level! Our pizza ovens are the ideal way to get the perfect finish on your pizzas whether they are homemade or shop-bought.

Why is a pizza oven better than a regular oven?

With a pizza oven, you are guaranteed to have a delicious pizza cooked in a few minutes while keeping all the important flavours on the surface. Our Montelini 360 Pizza Oven is easily transportable in your outdoor area to cook the perfect pizza with either wood pellets or gas! What’s more, you can save on your energy bills due to its energy-efficient and compact design, so you do not have to rely on your larger oven appliances. It also comes equipped with a 360-swivel attachment so you can rotate your pizza to get an even finish.

Come and visit our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range and Big Green Egg display at our showroom in Wootton Wawen to discover the world of outdoor cooking! Or check out our range online where you can find all our best-selling outdoor cooking appliances to complete your outdoor space.


Luna Retractable Awnings: Effortless Outdoor Elegance

Transform your outdoor space with our Luna Retractable Awning!

A few months ago, we had the pleasure of installing our bespoke Luna Retractable Awnings at The Galley Hall in Hertfordshire! Our retractable awning sits comfortably over their outdoor area for guests to enjoy food and drink whatever the weather. In this post, we are going to delve further into the features and benefits of our Luna Retractable Awning and why it is the perfect design for any domestic or commercial area.

What are retractable awnings and what is their main feature?

Retractable awnings are a revolutionary structure designed to provide a stylish and sophisticated shelter for your outdoor area. With our completely bespoke designs, you have the control to find the perfect shape and size for your outdoor area whether that be commercial or domestic. The main features that are included with our retractable awnings are their PVC polyester fabric canopy, dimmable LED lights, and motorised canopy roof powered by Somfy motors.

It goes without saying that the main feature of our retractable awnings is the smooth retractable roof mechanism that is easily operated through the remote control. The roof gracefully slides from one end to the other with minimal noise, creating the perfect ambience for your guests whatever the weather. The roof is also equipped with impermeable features and is resistant to tearing, abrasions and erosion so you can enjoy your awning all year round.

Can awnings withstand harsh weather conditions?

Retractable awnings create the freedom for you to extend the outdoors even during the colder months. Their robust aluminium frames are crafted using unique injection systems that will last you a lifetime of stability in any climate. Their sturdy nature also means that they are extremely low maintenance and can withstand winds up to 100km/h and a weight of 50kg against rain and snow! The canopy roof is finished with a robust film lining that is located on the top and bottom layer which provides further insulation and UV protection.  

What are the uses of awnings?

There are many ways that a retractable awning can benefit your outdoor space. It can accommodate and shelter a larger space for guests at your business, or friends and family in your personal outdoor area. Not only will this shelter your guests and furniture, but it give you the freedom to regulate the changing weather conditions throughout the day. The retractable roof is fitted with white LED dimmable lights which enhance your outdoor area during the darker periods of the day, especially when the winter months come around.

Furthermore, our retractable awnings can be fitted with manual or motorised screens to create an intimate and private area for your guests! They can also cut down on energy costs if you have rising energy bills by keeping your function or gathering outside so you can turn off any indoor heating systems for a few hours. With their versatility and stylish design, our retractable awnings offer a wide range of benefits for both commercial and domestic areas!

At the Garden Furniture Centre, we had the pleasure of installing our bespoke Luna Retractable Awning at The Galley Hall in Hertfordshire. This quaint family-run pub dates to 1374 when it was originally a farmhouse that soon turned into the infamous Galley Hall during the 1830’s. The pub now runs as a beautiful location for weddings, parties, or just to catch up with friends!

By talking to our gazebo specialist Chris, we guided them through the different features and customisations to accommodate all their personal preferences. This included adding bespoke motorised screens on the front, which also act as a doorway, as well as their choice of canopy and desired size.

Once the awning arrived, our installations team got to work, and the results look incredible! Visitors at The Galley Hall can now sit and relax with friends and family without worrying about the weather, as well as the pub now having an increased dining space for functions and events.

We are so pleased that The Galley Hall is happy with their Luna Retractable Awning, and we wish them the very best with their future endeavours! Watch our video below to learn more about our Luna awning on-site at The Galley Hall: 

If you want to view our range of Luna Retractable Awnings or gazebos, then click here or pop down to our showroom in Wootton Wawen where we have an extensive range of products on display for you to view! 

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