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How We Make Sure We’re Sustainable: A Guide to A Greener Planet

Read about how we power our work space sustainably

The power of woodchips


We’re not just about selling garden furniture here at GFC, we’re about sustainability and finding greener ways of living. You may have already read or heard about our Plant a Tree campaign, whereby we planted a tree for every teak bench we sold, or our project working alongside Love Logs the well-known sustainable logs company. As well as ensuring most of our teak products are FSC certified, we have also implemented other ways of keeping the planet healthy by installing solar panels to power our electricity, and a woodchip burner to power our heating system. Let’s dive into this a little more…

GFC and other businesses at Yew Tree Farm have been relying on a woodchip burner to keep their facilities warm for over a decade. This environmentally sustainable heating system is powered by wood sourced from the well-managed woodland known as Austy, which is located in our local area. The wood undergoes a meticulous process after being harvested – it is chipped and processed through our hopper, ensuring that the wood is ready to be used as a clean and eco-friendly heating source. Following this, it is carefully dried in our grain store until it reaches the optimal moisture content. Thanks to this approach, we can enjoy warmth during the winter months while minimizing our impact on the environment.

How is burning wood reducing our carbon footprint?

When trying to create a more sustainable life for ourselves and our planet, many of us ask, is what I’m doing actually helping the planet, or am I just adding to the problem? Well, when it comes to burning wood you can relax, because we’re about to tell you why this helps!

As we know, during a tree’s natural growth, its leaves will begin to absorb carbon dioxide, releasing oxygen and keeping the carbon locked in until the tree dies or is burnt. Decomposing trees release the carbon dioxide they have kept back into the atmosphere creating a carbon balance. So, when you’re burning logs, you’re not causing an increase, you’re helping to even it out.

If you want to help even more, you can source your firewood from locally managed forests, like Austy, to ensure fewer carbon emissions are released through transportation. Not only that but managed woods are vital for managing and maintaining healthy ecosystems to allow wildlife to thrive!

The power of Solar

Our commitment to sustainable energy doesn’t stop at heating! We have also installed solar panels on the roof of our building to power our electricity throughout our showroom, embracing a clean and renewable energy source. With over 150kw of solar panels, this enables the entire Yew Tree Farm center to be powered efficiently, as well as battery storage to allow the system to operate overnight.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are made up of multiple cells which generate a flow of electricity without the need for direct sunlight. However, if there is a stronger supply of sunlight then more electricity is generated. So, you can produce enough energy to power your home or business without having to rely on the national grid by just using solar panels. Resulting in, not only helping the planet but reducing the cost of your energy bills too!

Our solar panels are completely compatible with all our Power Banks and Hybrid Inverters so you can create your very own solar system, and you can do all this by heading over to our Kingdom Solar website!

Join us in becoming more sustainable, whether that be at home or making small changes in your working environment. Every little change makes a big difference!


Solar Energy | Power Your Home With Kingdom Solar!

Start your solar energy journey with our solar products!

It is safe to say that the cost-of-living crisis has affected all of us, especially when it comes to our energy bills. However, as technology has advanced in the last 10 years there are now multiple ways to cut the cost of your energy bills with renewable energy sources. At the Garden Furniture Centre, we have launched our new brand Kingdom Solar which supplies all your solar energy needs! You might be wondering; what are the financial benefits of solar energy? Why is solar energy the best alternative? Do home solar systems help you save energy bills? In this blog post, we will break down why solar energy is the future and how our new range of solar products will kick-start your renewable energy journey!

What is solar energy, and how can it be beneficial?

Solar energy is an extremely positive and sustainable way to produce renewable power whilst reducing greenhouse gas emissions which in turn will improve our climate and ecosystems. What is more, solar energy will significantly reduce the cost of rising energy bills as you do not solely rely on the national grid. Ultimately, solar energy allows you to generate your own electricity which can lead to you becoming more autonomous with your household energy. All you need is a little sunshine, and your solar system will do the rest!

So, where do we start?

At Kingdom Solar, we have a variety of solar products to start your renewable energy journey in your own home! From power banks to micro inverters, you will be able to sustainably produce solar energy to power your home or business.

Solar Panels

As the cost of energy bills increase, it is quite the opposite with solar panels as they are becoming a lot cheaper to source. Solar panels basically absorb the sun’s rays and create a renewable flow of electricity which can be stored or used straight away. Solar panels are also designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions and are extremely low maintenance meaning that you can enjoy them for years to come! If you want to find a sustainable way to provide clean, reusable energy, then our solar panels are the best way to start.

Battery Storage

Evidently, solar panels will not produce energy at night however, you can store any excess energy using our solar batteries! These batteries give you the freedom to use any unused energy whenever you please. By storing excess solar energy in batteries, you can cut down your electricity bills, increase energy independence, and reduce your carbon footprint significantly to ensure you are running a sustainable and efficient environment. What is more, our IP65-rated battery storage units can be charged by solar panels as well as the national grid during off-peak hours and have high inverter compatibility!

Power Banks

Alternatively, you can opt to take your renewable energy on the go with our multi-functioning power banks. The Zendure Super Base Pro and Super Base V collections are crafted out of environmentally friendly materials and advanced battery technology which allows you to have a sustainable alternative to main grid power! Our power banks are easily portable and give your devices an extra lifeline when you are in remote areas or during a power outage. You can choose the size of your power bank and even add our satellite batteries to maximise your energy storage so that you can power your household or business purely on renewable energy.


Another sustainable way to bring renewable clean energy into your household is with our inverters and inverter kits. These are a cost-effective way to produce on-grid electricity which can be used to power your household or business. We have a selection of hybrid and micro inverters which all operate by converting DC power from your solar panels into usable AC power. With the choice between our hybrid and micro inverters, they will give you peace of mind in the event of a power cut as well as drastically decreasing your outgoing energy bills.

What is more, our inverters are fitted with easy Wi-Fi configurations via its bespoke app which gives you accurate data checks for maximum power point tracking. The design of our inverters is compact and elegant to fit in with any interior space as well as having minimal noise when in use, integrated diecasting technology, and quick plug terminals for easy installation! Click here to read more about our inverters and how they can help you save on your energy bills!

Now that you know all about the benefits of solar energy, you can check out Kingdom Solar by clicking here and see how you can start your solar energy journey!

Or you can visit our showroom in Wootton Wawen where we have our solar panels and micro inverter on display for you to view!

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