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Power Banks

Our Zendure Power Banks are the next chapter for renewable solar energy! The Super Base Pro and Super Base V collections are crafted out of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials and advanced battery technology, which allows our portable solar chargers to be a sustainable alternative to main grid power!

Our 1500 Super Base Pro solar power banks are a luggage-inspired design and compact size, which is convenient to transport when you are on the go as well as having a chic and modern aesthetic. With built-in industrial-grade wheels and a telescopic handle, the Super Base Pro Power Station power pack is physically resilient and durable to withstand any harsh weather conditions or external factors, so you are ready to roll anytime and anywhere!

You can keep high-power items in your home running at any time, for example, your kettle, toaster, fridge, etc., as it will provide up to 40000W surge power as well as having 14 output ports, including USB ports and USB c ports, for multiple devices. What is more, the Super Base Pro is also compatible with heavy-duty appliances such as power tools, vacuums, chainsaws, and motorized devices due to its AmpUp feature that is activated via the app. And with versatile compatibility with Amazon and Google, you can control your solar power bank using voice control!

The long-lasting solar chargers can run 3000 cycles to 80% capacity by using the most advanced EV-grade NMC batteries that are found in electric vehicles. And with a built-in GPS and 4G IoT systems, you can control and check the location, remaining charge, and output power of the battery packs all at the touch of a button! Or if you are wanting to go on a camping trip, you can use your solar charger portable power station with solar panels to provide power to your campervan or RV using renewable solar energy! With its multiple USB port power output, you can charge more than two devices at the same time to provide enough energy for your evening entertainment!

Our larger Power Banks are the world’s first plug-and-play energy system and portable solar charger that you can use with solar panel energy from the sun’s energy to power your home or business! Our 4600V and 6400V larger batteries have up to 42% more energy than lithium batteries and are significantly less likely to pose any hazards or damage due to the battery pack management software. What is more, these solar charger batteries are built to last over 10 years!

Fitted with an AC/DC outlet, handle and motorized wheels, these batteries are efficiently designed to be easily transported for to take anywhere at any time which makes them the best solar chargers! Most importantly, our Super Base V solar power bank is stackable for DC charging or discharging to provide a larger power output! You can even charge your electric vehicle with its portable roadside level 2 fast charging with its adaptable converter and public power station input support to charge up to 2 electric vehicles at the same time!

With customizable programming, you can save on your energy bills by producing free energy that is off-grid and relying less on the national grid! The Super Base V solar chargers can also recharge with solar panel technology with enough sunlight during daylight hours in around 3 hours with the use of solar panels or multiple panels, or 1 hour using AC electricity.

So why not start your renewable energy journey today with the best solar power banks at the Garden Furniture Centre!

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  3. SBP1500 Super Base Pro Power Station | JULY OFFERS

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  4. Portable Solar Power Station 2KW | Demo Model

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