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Outdoor Cooking: Creating a Culinary Escape in Your Garden

Read how to elevate your outdoor cooking experience with our outdoor kitchens

Cooking outdoors might seem like a daunting task, however, it doesn’t have to be. Outdoor kitchens and BBQs are becoming all the range and at the Garden Furniture Centre, we are jumping on board the outdoor cooking train! From outdoor kitchens to pizza ovens, there are multiple ways for you to make the most out of our garden and turn it into a culinary dream. In this blog post, we will discover how outdoor kitchens can elevate your cooking experience as well as discussing the benefits outdoor cooking can bring.

What is an outdoor kitchen and how is it constructed?

It might seem obvious what an outdoor kitchen is, but there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. An outdoor kitchen is a functional area which acts as an extension to your home. It is also designed to be a setting for entertaining guests with its inclusion of cooking appliances, storage compartments, and even a designated dining area!

Depending on your available space, it is best to plan the preferred layout of your outdoor kitchen. This will help you visualise what you need to add or take away so you can get it right the first time. Our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range is the perfect solution for any outdoor kitchen needs with its autonomous components making it easy for you to construct your dream outdoor cooking experience. With its scratch-resistant ceramic surface and grade-A teak structure, our Bari range will provide elegance and sustainability to make your outdoor cooking experience unforgettable.

What are the essential components of an outdoor kitchen?

The main benefit of an outdoor kitchen is its versatile customisation! You can add your centrepiece cooking appliances such as a gas or electric grill with additional storage components making up the rest of the space. The key elements that make up an outdoor kitchen do vary depending on your preference; however, it is standard to have storage cabinets, a sink unit, a fridge unit and even a bar area. It is important to remember that your outdoor kitchen should cater to your personal taste and style, so don’t be afraid to go big or small!

What material is used for an outdoor kitchen?

When constructing your own outdoor kitchen, it is important to consider how durable and sustainable the components will be. With our Bari range, we have ensured that you will get quality and style combined! Crafted out of grade A reclaimed Indonesian teak and a scratch-resistant ceramic top, you are guaranteed decades of outdoor cooking with minimal maintenance. Complete with galvanised hinges and soft close doors, you can store all your cooking equipment safely and efficiently all year round.

Big Green Egg

With our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range, we offer a wide selection of components to accommodate your outdoor space. Our newest addition is the Big Green Egg outdoor oven which certainly elevates your outdoor cooking experience! This infamous outdoor oven has taken the culinary world by storm with its weatherproof casing and temperature control technology. You can fit your Big Green Egg oven in our specially designed Big Green Egg unit which is either fixed or on wheels so you can enjoy delicious dishes in your garden space.  

 What are some tips for barbecuing on a Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg will reward you with a cooking experience you will never forget. With its temperature control mechanism, you can adjust the top and bottom vents to control the airflow that enters the egg to create optimal cooking conditions. It is best to give yourself some extra time to preheat the egg so that you can keep a stable and consistent temperature.

The best way to get the most out of your Big Green Egg oven is simply to experiment! Try out different cooking methods such as indirect and direct grilling, smoking, baking, and spit roasting. Investing in some high-quality accessories will also make your cooking experience even more special for you and your guests.

Pizza Ovens

If you want to really impress your friends and family, then you cannot go wrong with having a pizza oven to take your pizzas to a new level! Our pizza ovens are the ideal way to get the perfect finish on your pizzas whether they are homemade or shop-bought.

Why is a pizza oven better than a regular oven?

With a pizza oven, you are guaranteed to have a delicious pizza cooked in a few minutes while keeping all the important flavours on the surface. Our Montelini 360 Pizza Oven is easily transportable in your outdoor area to cook the perfect pizza with either wood pellets or gas! What’s more, you can save on your energy bills due to its energy-efficient and compact design, so you do not have to rely on your larger oven appliances. It also comes equipped with a 360-swivel attachment so you can rotate your pizza to get an even finish.

Come and visit our Bari Outdoor Kitchen range and Big Green Egg display at our showroom in Wootton Wawen to discover the world of outdoor cooking! Or check out our range online where you can find all our best-selling outdoor cooking appliances to complete your outdoor space.



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