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Bioclimatic Pergolas


Are you looking for the missing piece to complete your outdoor living space? Create a brand-new private home area with our Bioclimatic Pergola gazebos to make your outdoor living space unforgettable! With total bespoke control, our Bioclimatic Pergolas provide you with the freedom to produce your dream gazebo right at your fingertips! Our totally bespoke option also allows you to customise your outdoor area with a unique modern technology to regulate direct sunlight and temperature control all year round!

What is a Bioclimatic Pergola?

A Bioclimatic Pergola is fundamentally a modern system which gives you the power to control any weather conditions with the use of a motorised louvered roof. This allows you to regulate and monitor how much shade and sunlight enters the Pergola through opening and closing the roof at your desired angle! The CE certified IP67 motor which powers the roof is discretely hidden to provide you with a stylish and elegant finish. By using a remote control, you can adjust the roof blades to any angled position to offer natural ventilation for your Bioclimatic Pergola! Each louvered panel is fitted with a rubber strip to prevent any drafts from entering the Pergola. This also gives you full control in regulating the desired temperature for you to relax and unwind without the worry of being too hot or cold!

Our Bioclimatic Pergola systems are carefully constructed out of durable aluminium components which are resistant to any harsh weather and external debris! All our Pergolas are finished with an AkzoNobel Brand coating to ensure your gazebo has the best protection against any weather damage. Additionally, these Bioclimatic Pergolas are fitted with 304 stainless steel connecting sections to provide extra support and strength for your safety!

Another fantastic feature on our Bioclimatic Pergolas is the incredible lighting options hidden within the louvered roof and outer rim of the gazebo! Our LED lights are located along the louvered roof sections to provide a magnificent display of light with minimal interruption when the sun goes down. Furthermore, our Bioclimatic Pergolas have been upgraded for 2023 with the new addition of our custom fitted RGB lights fitted around the perimeter to enhance your gazebo experience! These RGB lights can also be connected to your phone via Bluetooth and mimics the rhythm of your music! Both the light features are easily controlled through their own remotes to create the perfect atmosphere!

This Bioclimatic Pergola is also fitted with a sophisticated drainage system which travels through the hollow channels located within two of the legs. When the Pergola roof is fully closed, the rainwater will flow across the seamless roof design and into the drainage channels. This is dispersed at the bottom where you can also collect the rainwater for any domestic use!

To complete your Pergola, we do have the option of adding glass doors which slide together to create glass walls! These doors are perfect for keeping the outside environment connected so you can enjoy the surrounding scenery. These doors have also been improved by adding gripped handles to provide an easier opening and closing motion.

What are the advantages of a Bioclimatic Pergola?...

Ultimately, our Bioclimatic Pergola offers you many benefits to maximise your living space with its sophisticated system and advanced technology to certainly make a bold statement! Here are a few key advantages that the Bioclimatic Pergola has to offer:

  • You have total control of the Pergola via remote controls and even your phone to set the perfect scene with minimal effort.
  • With an elegant louvered roof mechanism, this will give you protection from harsh sunlight to provide natural ventilation and air circulation.
  • By adding a Bioclimatic Pergola to your outdoor space, this will give you more time to enjoy the outdoors without the worry of being cold or wet!
  • And finally, all our Bioclimatic Pergolas can be totally customised to match your living area for you to enjoy your surrounding environment!

The Bioclimatic Pergola will certainly provide you with a brand-new innovative way to enhance your outdoor space without the interruption of your surrounding climate spoiling your outdoor events! Take a look below to discover our entire product range or talk to our friendly team over the phone to get started on your new Pergola journey!

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