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Solar Panels

Begin your solar power journey with our range of solar panels at the Garden Furniture Centre! Solar panels are an extremely efficient way of converting energy from the sun and turning it into reusable electricity to power your home or business.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are constructed out of multiple cells which generate a flow of electricity. These cells can generate electricity without the need for direct sunlight, however, if there is a stronger supply of sunlight then more electricity is generated! By using several solar panels, you can produce enough energy to power your home or business without having to rely on the national grid. This in effect will drastically cut down your energy bills and overall energy costs!

There are so many benefits to having solar panels in your home such as:

  • Producing renewable and sustainable energy.

  • Cost-effective and savings on energy bills.

  • Designed to withstand any harsh weather conditions so that they last for years.

  • Solar panels also provide you with an independent energy source which is perfect for any households that are in remote locations.

Having solar panels in your household or business is an important way to shift to renewable energy sources as they provide a clean, renewable source of electricity without relying on greenhouse gas emissions. Solar panels are becoming increasingly affordable, and many governments and organizations offer incentives for installing them!

Our solar panels are completely compatible with all our Power Banks and Hybrid Inverters so that you can create your own independent solar system. Simply add these to any of our solar-powered products and begin your renewable energy journey!

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  1. Flexible Solar Panel 100W

  2. Single Solar Car Port | Ex-Display

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  3. 405W Solar Panel

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