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Take Out The Trash: A Wheelie Impressive Transformation

Read all about our latest outdoor transformation!

How to hide wheelie bins outside

Wheelie bins have never been all that appealing, we are always thinking of ways to hide them whether we tuck them in a corner behind the house, leave them at the back of the garden, or even shove them in the garage…out of sight out of mind! But here at the Garden Furniture Centre, we make it our mission to enhance any outdoor space in whatever way we can, even when it comes to bins! This is why we chose to invest in the ingenious idea of Galvanized Steel Wheelie Bin Covers. In a choice of a stylish anthracite grey or a stunning wood effect, these covers offer a functional and aesthetically pleasing outdoor storage solution for displeasing wheelie bins. Manufactured using galvanized steel these covers provide protection against harsh weather conditions while remaining sturdy and intact for years to come. That’s not all! We even have covers equipped with planters! So, not only will these covers minimize the sight of your bins, you also have the option to add some gorgeous plants and flowers too!

We’ve quite literally got you covered! With these covers, you can create the size you need. So, if you have more than one wheelie bin to hide, you can choose from our options of singles, doubles, and even super doubles! You have the choice of combining a double and a single to create a triple cover, or you could opt for two doubles and create a super double, fit for hiding up to four wheelie bins.

The Doors

Believe it or not, there's more! Now that we’ve established their high-quality and sophisticated appeal, let’s talk about their security. When it comes to storing items away, we always want to make sure they’re secure, even if that item is…trash! To prevent any unwanted guests from sneaking into your bins at night, these covers come with easy-to-use and extremely efficient lockable doors. With a simple turn of a key, your bins will be locked away safely.

The Lids

Finally, there’s the lids. To make things even more efficient the cover lids attach to your wheelie bin lid with ease, allowing you to hold the lid with one hand and throw your rubbish away with the other. Additionally, the lids are soft closing, so you don’t have to worry about waking the neighbours when you’re throwing away your wine bottles late at night! As we said, we’ve got you covered.

The Curry Republic Transformation

It’s no surprise that The Curry Republic. receives five-star online reviews! Renowned for its tasty tandoori chicken, delectable Dalla bora and so much more, it really is the best curry house in town! Despite all this, however, owner Rhaj found some room for improvement. Of course, it had nothing to do with the food! It was all to do with the outside aesthetic. The Curry Republic was displaying some rather unsightly wheelie bin covers right outside the restaurant and that is why Rhaj came to us for some help!

It's no secret that we supply some of the best wheelie bin covers on the market – not to be biased! They are not only pleasing to look at, but they are also highly secure and extremely low maintenance. So, without hesitation, our managing director, Jon, was straight to it! Offering some of our beautiful Anthracite Steel Wheelie Bin Covers to replace the eyesores that were there before.

What a transformation, and we aren’t the only ones who think so! Since installing these covers, we have been told by several locals that they are a significant improvement, and it’s safe to say Rhaj thinks so too!

So, if like Rhaj you want to add some class to your bins, head on over to our range of wheelie bin covers and make your neighbours wheelie jealous!











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