choosing a quality conservatory suite

What to look for in a quality Conservatory Suite …

In the lead up to Christmas – and even in the weeks after the seasonal festivities – many people decide to change their conservatory suite.

It has become a bit of a consumer trend, for want of a better phrase, as people use the festive season as an excuse for a bit of a change going into the New Year.

As you may well know we have a huge range of conservatory furniture and much of our time both online and in our Showroom is spent in promoting this to prospective buyers at this time of year.

And, as we’re sure you already know the choice out there is staggering so the final decision is, more often than not, around the price and the quality of the conservatory suite you’re buying.

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Garden Structures – plan now for 2018!

Garden structures can transform a garden in an instant while making the most of your outdoor space. The right garden structure can turn your garden into an additional room, an extension of your home.

But like any project around the home it is essential to get the planning right before you proceed as there are a number of factors to consider here.

How do you choose the right garden structure for your garden? What do you need to consider before buying a shed, gazebo, pagoda or log cabin? Here are some tips and advice on choosing the right garden building for your home.


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How to create a cosy conservatory space

How to create a cosy conservatory space …

As we say goodbye to summer and welcome September, the idea of a comfortable and functional conservatory is all the more appealing as we cling to summer for as long as we can.

The adaptability of conservatories is perhaps their greatest asset, providing the home with an extra space to relax, dine, work or nap. While the weather becomes cooler and the days shorter, now is the time to make the most of your inside/outside room and prepare it for winter, so you can still make use out of it whatever the weather.

When it comes to reinvigorating this often forgotten space, it can be difficult to get inspired – so in today’s post, we’ll be taking you through a number of ways you can prepare for autumn and winter, designing a cosy conservatory for the months ahead.

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how to restore aged teak

How to restore aged teak without ruining it …

There’s a reason that teak – or the ‘Jewel of the Forest’ as it is sometimes called – is preferred by so many when it comes to outdoor furniture.

Firstly, it’s supremely workable allowing crafts people to achieve a finish far superior to that can be achieved with other timbers.

Secondly, it’s naturally dense grain and high oil content make it perfect for outdoor use all year round.

However, as a specialist retailer of Teak Furniture for over two decades we also find that it can be associated with a number of misnomers, particularly when it comes to restoring aged teak.

This is a question we get asked over and over again, very often when people have taken the wrong advice and are left with a very expensive item of teak furniture that is quite simply, ruined.

Aged teak – the facts …

Firstly, like any other timber, teak will age and change appearance over time.

Freshly harvested teak has that stunning honey-coloured lustre and many expect this to last forever.

But it doesn’t, over time and with exposure to the elements it will take on a silver-grey patina with the natural ageing process – and it must be said that this aged appearance is also loved by many.

However, for those who prefer the former appearance the problems quite often occur when they try to restoring aged teak to its newer appeal.

And this is because they either …

  1. A) Over complicate the process …

OR …

  1. B) Take advice from misinformed people and use Teak Oil – you can read more about the dangers of this here.

Restoring aged teak – the easy and most effective way …

To demonstrate just how uncomplicated this process need to be we took one of our stunning Balmoral Benches that is five years old and followed three simple steps to restore it to its original glory.


how to restore aged teak - before picture


how to restore aged teak - after picture

And here’s the simple 3 step process we followed to achieve this cracking result …

  1. Use a Jet Wash to clean the timber thoroughly …

  1. Apply Teak Cleaner evenly to all surfaces …
  2. Sand the bench down to restore the aged teak to its beautiful honey-coloured lustre …

If you are new to the delights of Teak Furniture then you can read more detailed information on the subject here.

And if you’re feeling really flash there are a number of different cosmetic treatments available for teak as well – these are explained here.