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Lutyens benches: A Timeless Garden Addition

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Lutyens benches: A timeless garden addition

Originally known as the Thakeham, Lutyens benches were designed for Little Thakeham, an estate featuring a private abode and gardens crafted by Sir Edwin Lutyens at the turn of the 20th century. Now, regarded as one of the architect's finest projects...

Our Lutyens benches are the perfect blend of sophistication, elegance, and endless comfort. Delicately designed to resonate with the idiosyncratic, artistic vision of Sir Edwin Lutyens – a renowned British architect - these benches are an absolute must when it comes to elevating any garden or outdoor space, whether it be a quintessential English garden or a contemporary, high-end patio.

Investing in one of these charming benches will add the elegance and class to your outdoor area that you’ve been searching for. With their distinctive style, paired with the gorgeous blends of high-quality teak wood and its decorous design, you can embrace its beauty for many years.

Why are Lutyens benches a popular bench choice?

Due to its stunning, eye-catching design, Lutyens benches are one of the most popular bench styles in the UK. Doused in the highest-quality teak and their enduring appeal, it’s no wonder teak benches are a popular choice for garden furniture, especially Lutyens! Teak wood is renowned for its durability and long-life guarantee, which is why many people seek to find benches like these to enhance their garden space. Additionally, ethically sourced grade A teak like this can withstand any weather element, maintaining its exquisite beauty all year round.

Lutyens benches are considered to be a premium feature, due to the fact they are carefully crafted from top-quality materials and have a distinguished design. It has been said that Lutyens are inspired by the Arts and Crafts movement, which produced a high demand for furniture made from natural, high-quality materials. So, with that in mind, Lutyens aren't just a 'standard bench' they are a prominent and decorative piece of art, which is why it's not uncommon to see these wonderful creations being used as focal points.

What is the typical lifespan of a teak garden bench?

What’s more, teak is saturated with natural oils giving it a glorious golden hue, its fine grain merely enhances its graceful appeal. As the teak matures over time, this golden hue will gradually develop into a stunning silver-grey patina, naturally adding even more charm to your outdoor area. Therefore, not only is grade A leak heavily on the eyes, it is also highly durable and naturally highly resistant. 

Authentically crafted Lutyens benches should require very little maintenance in order to preserve its perpetual charm. Nonetheless, like all furnishings in an outdoor environment, these benches will require some maintenance now and then. For this, we highly recommend purchasing a simple teak protection kit, which we provide here at The Garden Furniture Centre. These kits are easy-to-use formulas that provide you with all you need to ensure your Lutyens bench keeps its state-of-the-art feel for years to come.

So, why not include a pinch of eternal luxury in your garden – ideal for those moments of relaxation we all love?




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