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Our Laser Engraving Service.


Laser Engraving - Preserve Your Memories in Wood …

A laser Engraved Memorial Bench is the perfect way to remember those things and people that are – or were – important to you.

We engrave words, pictures – or a combination of the two - onto all sorts of wooden furniture with some fantastic results.

The technology we use is state of the art and produces some truly magnificent results in a variety of different styles of font from the fancy style of our company logo, for example, or more simple, but just as effective.


Our Laser Engraving Service


An Engraved Bench to Remember …

Benches are by far the most popular item of furniture to have engraved, that’s why we have two dedicated fields in our catalogue for you to provide the images / text you want engraved.

A word of warning, though, we will engrave the text as it appears so make sure you write it exactly as you want it to appear in the completed engraving.

We've even supplied an engraved Oak Bench to ITV’s ‘Love Your Garden.’

One Life Live It Love Your Garden

 Other Furniture …

We don’t just stop at benches – other pieces of furniture in our catalogue can be personalised for you as well.

Why not buy a Teak Doormat and have a ‘Home Sweet Home?’

The laser engraving service works really well for company branding and logo boards particularly if the company focus is on wood anyway.

The Limitations with Laser Engraving …

Unfortunately we’re not able to engrave pieces of furniture that are not purchased from our catalogue this is because we engrave them before we assemble them due to constrictions on the engraving machine.

Some images may not be suitable for engraving purposes as well. However, don’t let this stop you giving us your first choice as the capabilities of our technology are still state of the art and will replicate most things.

We realise this is a very personal thing – but if you do need any assistance with the technical side of things simply call our sales team who are always happy to help.