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Read about our new project to help the planet become greener

Here at the Garden Furniture Centre, we are constantly thinking of ways to become more sustainable. This is why we have decided it’s time to start giving back to our planet. However, we need your help! When purchasing any of our Teak Benches for Sale on our website, you will have the option to add ‘plant a tree’ to your basket at no extra charge.

You have the choice of a range of teak benches on our website from stunning Mandalay Curved Benches, to our magnificent Malvern Teak Benches, to winsome Memorial Benches, and more! We take great pride in offering top-quality grade-A teak furniture to our customers. Not only do they have exquisite elegance and a distinctive character, you can make them personal to you or a loved one with the option of having them engraved!

What's more, not only is teak wood heavenly on the eyes, it is also the perfect material for any garden furniture. This is because it is highly durable and rich in oils making our teak products immensely weather-resistant, so you can leave your teak bench out come rain, snow, or shine! Additionally, teak wood has a brilliantly long lifespan of up to 70 years! On top of that, teak ages like a fine wine and grows old gracefully. Over time, the gorgeous golden hue will become a timeless silver/grey patina.

Once you have purchased one of our Teak Benches, our GFC team will get their hands dirty and begin planting your trees. You can follow the journey by simply following our social media channels and keeping up to date with any posts. So, let’s delve into why planting trees could be a ‘root’ to solving the world’s most complex issue.


How can planting more trees help save the planet?

Planting trees comes with a multitude of benefits for our planet, like encouraging more biodiversity, tackling climate change, and managing our ecosystems. Climate change has a detrimental impact on all of us, and often we can all feel a little helpless. But, by planting as many trees as we can, we can help to slow down the rate of destruction and protect the habitats of our furry neighbours. Trees, as we know, play a huge role in capturing and storing carbon. Our woodland ecosystems absorb the carbon in the atmosphere and can keep it locked away for centuries. Trees are essential not only for us but for our wildlife and the environment.


What trees are we planting and where?

We plan to create a stunning hedgerow out of a mix of rural hedges, these little trees will provide a perfect home for some of our smaller local wildlife. The best hedges for creatures like nesting birds and hibernating hedgehogs are those that are made up of a variety of wood types. That’s why we are planting a fantastic range of trees from Hawthorns to Crab apples, to Blackthorns, Hazels, and more to create the best habitats. The trees will be planted in the beautiful rural area of Wooton Wawen and don’t worry, they will be well looked after and have all the right sheep proofing to prevent your delightful trees from being ruined!

There’s no time like the present…

It may sound like we are running out of time, but it's better to start now than never at all. If we all work together, we can help get our planet back on its feet. So, join us! Get your hands on one of our Teak Benches for Sale and help us to help our home!  



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