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As the lock down starts to slowly ease away, we all still have a role to play in keeping each other safe and supporting our national health service in doing so.

One of the most obvious ways you can support the NHS at this time is to adhere by the government guidelines. As a company, we have made many changes to the way we operate. In order to keep both our staff and customers safe, we have introduced necessary safety measures; such as implementing social distancing, disinfecting high traffic areas, zero-contact deliveries/collections and continuing to support staff members who are working from home.

However, there are many ways you can support the NHS further. And one of these ways is by donating.

Our Fundraiser

Every year, the Haimes family hold an annual Woodland Walk as a charity fundraiser. This walk begins at the small shopping village in Warwickshire, Yew Tree Farm, and continues through the local Wootton Wawen private woodlands, owned by the Haimes family. This woodlands walk is truly mesmerizing as every year the woodland ground turns into a carpet of sweet-smelling purple bluebells. On this walk, supporters get to enjoy the refreshing woodland air, glimpses of the thriving local wildlife, plus the obvious beauty of the bluebells. All whilst helping to raise money for the charity or organisation of choice for that year. This year, that charity of choice was the NHS.

Although we were deeply saddened having to cancel the event, we did not completely give up on the idea of the event. Instead, we decided to partner up with the SWFT Charity & create a virtual Bluebell walk with all donations going towards the amazing NHS. In particular, these donations will go towards the  Warwick, Leamington Spa, Stratford-Upon-Avon and Ellen Badger Hospitals as well as out of hospital community services across the whole of Warwickshire.

Although a virtual tour is not the same as the real thing, we hoped the nation would still appreciate the beauty of nature through a screen – and we were right! So far this fundraiser has raised a whopping £2,850 from generous donations made by the public. Although this sum is truly incredible, we still feel we can do better!..

How You Can Help

We would like to reach out further and ask those who have not yet supported the fundraiser to please do so. You can do this by watching the stunning video here and donating to the cause here.

Every donation, large or small makes a difference. This fundraiser ends on the 30th June.

But don't forget, there are other ways you can support the NHS, in fact they even have a list of ways you can support them on their website.

We'd like to take this time to remind you that our showroom is now back open! You can read more about this on our covid-19 updates page. 

What You Need to Know About Outdoor Heating Safety

Whether you have the towering and sleek Athena Gas Patio Heater or a classic fireplace model, an outdoor heater can do a world of good for enhancing your outdoor space.

Not only does it provide you with warmth, but it also adds an element of elegance to your garden. However, there's more to these heaters than just its style, as they can be a huge safety hazard if you're not properly familiarized. Fortunately, we've listed down some top tips in ensuring outdoor heating safety so you can enjoy one at home...

Read the Instruction Manual

More often than not, the outdoor heater's instructional manual is ignored. While it may be lengthy, it contains key pieces of information that will help you keep fire risks at bay. Indeed, the Health and Safety Executive notes these instructions cover everything from intended use of the product to proper installation and, of course, safe use of the product. However, there's no one-size-fits-all manual, as each model is built uniquely. To this end, thoroughly reading the contents of your model's manual can make all the difference for your outdoor heating safety. Moreover, be sure to write down important safety instructions, such as minimizing fuel leaks and stabilizing its stand, so you're prepared in case of a potential accident.

Secure Safe Placement

The placement of your outdoor heater can either make or break it. As explained by Hunker, installing it in a location that's exposed too much to the natural elements will easily blow out the flame. But before selecting any spot in your garden or patio, it's also vital to keep possible safety hazards in mind. For instance, it's recommended to keep an outdoor heater over a metre away from any combustible material. Another thing to watch out for is the surrounding area, as it will need an open area to ensure proper airflow. Lastly, be sure that it has a solid and smooth surface so it can stand firmly and not be easily knocked over.The placement of your outdoor heater can either make or break it.

Pictured: Our Athena Plus Gas Patio Heater.

Ensure Proper Maintenance

Since outdoor heaters are normally used during the cold seasons, you'll likely keep it covered every now and again. Nonetheless, you should always keep a good eye on your heater, as properly maintaining it ensures that it will work safely when the temperatures begin to drop. To ensure proper maintenance, be sure to read the manual to help you disassemble and clean the debris inside if the heater hasn’t been used in a while. Then, you can clean the surface with water and soap or a polisher. Once everything's spick-and-span, you'll need to reassemble it with help from the manual. Last but not least, you'll need to check for broken parts — particularly, hoses, reflectors, and emitters. If you’re not confident about your own assessment, then it’s best to call a technician who can do it for you. It is important that you treat your outdoor heater with the same care and attention you would your indoor heating system. HomeServe highlights the importance of finding providers you can trust in order to keep your home’s heating systems working properly. And just as you’d get your indoor heating systems regularly serviced to ensure they are safe and ready for use, it’s important to give your outdoor amenities the same TLC, too.

Pictured: Our Chesney Terrace Gourmet Heater & BBQ.

Establish House Rules

Learning the hazard and risks is the first step to outdoor heating safety. The next and equally essential safety measure is properly informing your household about what you've learned. This is especially crucial if you have children in your household. As adults, it's your responsibility to educate them about the basics of fire safety before letting them go near the outdoor heater. You can even teach them what to do in case of an emergency — from protecting themselves from dangerous smoke to calling the fire service.

To stay updated on the latest trends for outdoor furniture, be sure to look through our different posts here on The Garden Furniture Centre.

Pictured: Our Chesney Heat & Grill

For - An article by Abigail West

Shabby Chic Garden Design

Shabby chic is one of those trends that is truly timeless. It originally emerged as an interior design style characterised by furniture that shows clear signs of ageing or new furniture reimagined with vintage elements.

This distinctive antique aesthetic has become so popular in recent times that it has transcended the interior space. This means it can work beautifully as a theme for your garden as a unique and fun look that can be achieved on all budgets.

A Soft Colour Palette

When considering your shabby chic garden design, the best place to begin is with the furniture. This will act as the main focal point for your shabby chic theme and you can then introduce flowers, plants and other accents to complement the picture. Consider both colours and materials – this theme broadly takes in softer tones such as beige, mint green and powder pink.

Shabby Chic Garden Furniture

Use this subtle, understated and pretty colour palette as a starting point for your shabby chic garden. We love the use of rattan material in your garden furniture as this introduces a vintage feel perfectly.

Our rattan furniture range includes seventy different sofa suites including footstools, coffee tables, day beds and bar sets many of them woven from award-winning outdoor rattan-weave which is hand woven in Indonesia.

You can then add cushions to your chosen pieces to embrace the shabby chic colour scheme of your choice -  lilac and cream will fit beautifully within the theme for a soft vintage look and feel.


Shabby Chic Garden Accents

Another thing to consider with your shabby chic garden is the curves and lines of your chosen pieces. This theme lends itself more to curved, soft lines and less to harder ones – think sweeping rounded edges instead of rectangular or square silhouettes.

A parasol is one way to embrace this trend – complement with pieces that recall a bygone era such as a retro love bench, painted bench or carved rustic bench.

If you like the look of teak for your garden aesthetic, we would recommend reclaimed teak as opposed to standard furnishings which are much sleeker and more streamlined, as opposed to the distressed look of shabby chic pieces. Reclaimed furnishings will give a bold dose of shabby chic in gardens of all sizes for a really beautiful effect.

All Fired Up

Another way to create a stylish shabby chic garden design is to use a few key statement pieces to convey the look. A crackling outdoor fireplace is a great trans-seasonal piece of furniture that embodies the warm, cosy and effortlessly shabby chic aesthetic. Complete the look with a love heart wood rack to store your logs – a rack with a rustic finish will do the job nicely.

The detail is also in the accessories when it comes to your shabby chic garden furniture. Choose items with gentle, curved shapes in warm materials such as wood. A hand carved side table in differing shades of mango tree wood is a lovely modern-day antique that fits neatly within the theme. You might also like the Oxy candle holders which have been hand crafted from individual sections of rustic teak root where the natural flow of the grain conveys added decorative effect.

Never forget the value of upcycled pieces for your shabby chic garden. Our range of Indian accessories include a soft bench, antique bench and Jeep table, all of which embrace a retro aesthetic for a strong overall theme.

How to brighten up your garden for spring

Many of us feel gloomy during the dark, grey winter months which is why now is a great time to start thinking about your spring garden. There are many ways to introduce a bit of colour into your garden space and brighten things up in preparation for when the weather grows warmer.

Colourful Spring Flowers

One way is to choose bright and beautiful spring blooms that are designed to flourish from March onwards. Daffodils, crocuses, pansies and tulips are lovely spring-flowering plants all of which work well when planted in abundance. This will really make an impact to create a gorgeous colourful border garden. Hyacinths are another popular choice that come in a whole range of softer and bolder colours to reflect the essence of springtime.

If you fancy mixing up textures and heights, the iris is a late-spring flowering plant that will stand tall in the borders for an elegant aesthetic. For a gorgeous and more unusual spring plant, alliums also stand high for a gorgeous complement to brightly coloured flowerscapes.

Away from the lawn and flowerbeds, add some more colour around your spring garden with azaleas and rhododendrons crawling up the wall, flowering fruit tree blossom, lilac trees and rugged clematis. The latter is just one example of how you can add colour with a more masculine edge instead of traditional pretty florals.

Colourful Furniture for your Spring Garden

Brightly coloured garden furniture is another great way to brighten things up for spring. We suggest choosing a selection of investment pieces that have been designed to stand the test of time in both style and durability. And colourful doesn’t have to mean overbearing.

We like the fresh springtime look that comes with rattan furniture such as the Fiji Chill Sofa which has been crafted using UV and colour stabilised rattan for a non-fade quality, Bearing in mind that the British springtime can often witness wet weather, the Fiji range includes pieces made using thermal bonding of the fibres to make them tough even when wet.

Using Colour in Garden Design for Small Spaces


If you prefer a more chic, minimalist aesthetic with your spring garden but still want splashes of colour, cushions and other accessories are a great way to achieve the look. When you’re considering garden design for small spaces, this is also a good way to go in order to avoid a cluttered appearance. Our Fiji 2-seater sofa shows how colour can be used in a more subtle way – the Montana Dining Armchair is another good example of colourful accents that will uplift your spring garden.

If you prefer a real statement piece – or perhaps you plan to use your garden for entertaining guests and socialising throughout the seasons – the Montana Apple Day Bed is a glorious piece. Handwoven to look and feel like natural water hyacinth, it features a retractable drinks table for added luxe and is super-easy to maintain year-round thanks to high water resistant qualities and olefin fibres designed for optimum outdoor use.

We hope that this post has inspired you in your spring garden design and provided some useful ideas on how you can blend the live elements of your garden with some beautiful furnishings to create your desired aesthetic. For more ideas and to browse our full range, click here to visit the Garden Furniture Centre shop.

Understanding Garden Colour Schemes

When approaching a garden design or redesign, colour is one of the best places that you can begin. The colours that we choose for both our home interiors and garden space and the aesthetic we choose to create can speak volumes about our unique personality.

As garden design can be a little overwhelming, looking more closely at the psychology of colour is a fascinating and sensible place to begin. It can also provide great inspiration for different colour combinations and how to use garden furniture and ornaments to complement the overall landscape.

Green, Green Grass

We also need to consider the role of the seasons and Mother Nature alongside the colours that we choose. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, all-year-round option, green is the perfect base colour. As the natural choice for a soothing, balanced space, it brings a sense of vibrancy to our garden thanks to its associations with water and life.

For an evergreen garden, opt for ferns – we love the Japanese lace and wood varieties. You can also play around with different types of evergreen grass to create movement and variety in your green garden colour scheme – Great Woodrush is a lovely, classic option. If you’d like a sprinkling of colour to offset the green tones, stick with relaxing tones such as lavender.

Feeling Blue

For a soothing aesthetic with a little more impact, blue is a great option. Believed to stimulate a calm, reflective and meditative atmosphere, it offers a beautiful extension of the natural world from the colour of the sky. Bluebells, clematis and cornflowers are stunning choices, while forget me nots will add a charming edge. We also love the blue hydrangea which comes in both striking and more subtle shades.

In the Red

At the other end of the colour spectrum, pinks and reds are popular options for those designing a colourful garden. Red is the colour of choice if you want a bold, confident and uplifting garden colour scheme with a hint of fire. Roses, poppies, dahlias, anemones and begonias will make for a very passionate picture. You can also add red flowers in softer and stronger tones, such as red sunflowers, cannas and the ever-beautiful chrysanthemums.

Pinkie Promise

For a softer, more romantic and sensual aesthetic, a pink colour scheme is the way to go. Think hydrangeas, penstemons, nerines and magnolias. We also like the look of coneflowers for a more unique colourful garden design.

Mellow Yellow

For a different perspective on a bright and cheerful space, yellow is a beautiful option. Flowers such as acacia, primrose, marigold and chrysanthemum will bring sunshine for a very joyful and colourful garden.

Choosing your Outdoor Accents

Of course, while choosing your garden colour scheme is important, you also need to consider the type of furniture that will work within your chosen aesthetic. While a lot of it is down to personal preference, we love the marriage between teak outdoor furniture and more “natural” colours such as blue and green. They work together beautifully to create a calming space.

For more vibrant garden colour schemes in red and other bold colours, aluminium garden furniture creates a beautiful contrast between textures and tones. And if you’re going for a softer, more subtle colourway in yellow, pink or similar, we love the look of classic rattan furniture. There’s something about the combination of softer tones and the intricate weave of the rattan that creates a truly outstanding look for your colourful garden.

The "How to" of Small Garden Design

Just because you have a small outdoor space doesn’t mean that you need to be limited on design options. In fact, smaller gardens have plenty of advantages because you can really be creative without spending too much money or putting your space at risk of appearing overly cluttered. From furniture to plants and colour schemes, this is our rundown of the very best ways to design for small outdoor space…

Make it Liveable

Many people mistake the mistake of compromising on the social aspect with small garden design. But you want your space to feel welcoming and be able to enjoy spending time in it regardless of the size. To this end, create a dedicated space for alfresco dining and drinks which will have the effect of making the garden appear bigger.

There are plenty of small-space-friendly furniture solutions – a folding dining table works great for very small spaces as you can pop it away when it’s not needed. You can also stack up furniture for the same effect. If you’re looking to use the area less for dining and more for casual drinks, a round bar table will also fit seamlessly into a small space.

Add Colour

Whether it’s with your plants or your furniture, adding splashes of colour will make all the difference with your small garden design. Colour adds interest and draws the eye to different parts of the garden for a lively atmosphere. Colourful accessories such as cushions or garden furniture with a jazzy pattern also have the same effect.

We love this retro bar set with colourful chairs which works beautifully within a small garden design thanks to the colours and the flexibility to line the furniture up against a wall for a neat, space-saving aesthetic. This is also a good way to make the most of a sociable space by keeping furnishings and large plants at the edge of the garden, leaving the central area free for socialising.

This retro cross-back 4-chair set is a great alternative with chairs in yellow, green, pink, blue or white to suit your chosen colour scheme. It’s also a great way to enjoy plentiful seating solutions with maximum comfort and without taking up lots of space. To make even more of your small garden design, mix up furnishings in bright and contrasting colours.

Balance out the Colours

While we recommend adding a mix of colour to your garden furniture, we’d advise the opposite when it comes to plants and flowers. Too much colour in the decorative aspect can be overwhelming within a small space so choose one key colour and mix up the tones, e.g. cooler and warmer shades of blue. This will avoid making the garden feel too busy or oppressive.

Small Garden Design on a Budget

A busy design is a great opportunity to show off your creativity with a unique effect across smaller spaces. Vertical shelving is one popular option where you can decorate with potted plants and fun accessories across a trellis or ladder. Mix up plants with different heights to create the illusion of space and maximise interest - think climbers beside low-lying colourful flowers,  busy shrubs and evergreen trees.

Break up the Landscape

We’ve already touched upon the importance of creating different areas of interest in your small outdoor space. Utilise the principles of Feng Shui and add a water feature, line a bench up against the wall for a comfortable multi-use space, create a dedicated dining space or add a hammock for a relaxing, chill-out area. Making the most of the many different uses that your garden can offer will really make the most of the area available. If you can, add a pathway through the middle of the garden with details such as crazy paving to add interest and maximise your space.

Lutyens Bench

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to design for small outdoor space. It’s just about using your imagination and knowing your options!

Best Plants for Moist Soil

While autumn and winter in the UK inevitably mean a lot of rain, it’s safe to say we experience a fair bit of wet weather all year round. By understanding which are the best plants for moist soil, we can make sure that our garden flourishes throughout the seasons.

As different parts of the garden will receive more moisture due to their exposure to the elements, e.g. open flowerbeds compared to spots of soil sheltered by trees, we need to understand how to utilise the best plants for moist soil so we can make the most of every area of our garden.

Below we have gathered our selection of those plants that simply love the wet weather so that your outdoor space will grow and thrive on even the wettest days…

Tropical Temptations

If you want to transform a dark, dreary landscape into a tropical paradise, cannas are a great choice featuring brightly coloured flowers and large leaves. With the option of taller or dwarf plants, they work well for any garden space for a neater, ordered look or a more adventurous, busy landscape.

Lythrum is another gorgeous, vibrant option that flourishes in wetter conditions with spiky pink flowers that turn red in autumn and always brighten up the landscape. We also like helenium, a bright and fiery flower that works well in damp soil. This is also a super versatile option - let the flowers grow and flourish or trim them back for a neater look that some people prefer during the wetter seasons.

Best Plants for Damp Shade

Moist soil and damp shade often go hand in hand in our gardens, so this part is all about finding those plants that thrive in such conditions instead of simply exist. Hostas are one such example which evolve beautifully with the seasons. In cooler months, they show up as green leaves trimmed with yellow while the summer welcomes purple flowers. They are super easy to grow but make sure to check the type of hosta you purchase before going ahead, as some work better in damp conditions than others.

If you’re looking for more low maintenance plants for damp soil, persicaria is a great option. It’s also super long flowering for maximum impact. Presented in various shades of pink and red with a lovely, delicate aesthetic, it works great as a herbaceous perennial plant in damp soil and part shade.

Certain varieties of iris also work well in moist conditions. The Siberian Iris works beautifully in damp soil to produce deep blue-purple flowers and vibrant, slender green foliage in abundance towards the end of spring. The yellow flag iris is another bright and beautiful option that will flourish and bring a touch of beauty to any style of garden, although it does need careful watch as it likes to spread.

Foxglove is a good biennial flower that grows in sun or shade; astilbes is a ferny, unique flower with broad leaves which stands nice and tall and works best in shady, damp areas. Japanese Primrose is a spring-blooming perennial that likes wetter conditions while cardinal flowers and their gorgeous red blooms are most comfortable beside water, such as a stream or pond.

Garden Furniture for Wet Weather

It’s par for the course that as we’re speaking about plants for damp soil, we also need to think about preparing our gardens for wetter weather in terms of furniture too. Invest in some versatile rattan furniture or sleek teak furniture whose oily nature makes it naturally resistant to all weather with a lovely smooth finish that won’t rot, warp or split.

You should also invest in some garden furniture covers that can be thrown on at a moment’s notice to create a close, protective cocoon against dirt, grime and extreme weather and keep your furniture in the best condition. All seams on our garden furniture covers are taped for extra strength and long-lasting quality. We also add water repellent treatment and UV Stabilisers to the fabric during the manufacturing process.

How to Heat your Outdoor Space in Winter

There are so many wonderful ways to appreciate our gardens, from simply designing an aesthetically beautiful space that makes us feel rested and calm to creating a sociable area which can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. As the cooler months approach, we want to talk about how to heat your outdoor space in winter and gain the most enjoyment from your garden whatever the weather.

When the sun isn’t shining and the temperatures have dropped, there are plenty of ways to keep things cosy and snug. Gone are the days when garden heaters were clunky and unattractive; modern garden furniture is all about creating a tactile experience and a comfy, chilled out area in which to spend time with your loved ones beneath the smooth winter skies, crisp spring days and snuggly autumn afternoons.

Choosing your Outdoor Heaters

When it comes to choosing your outdoor heaters, it usually comes down to budget and style preferences. However, it’s always best to go for the highest possible quality in your price bracket because you get what you pay for especially if you’re planned to use your items frequently. And there are plenty of great options at a good price right here at the Garden Furniture Centre.

There’s nothing quite as cosy as gathering around the fire pit, Go for industrial chic with a cast iron fire bowl or a strong modern aesthetic with this brass effect contemporary design. If you like to make a real statement with your outdoor furniture, many customers love the cast iron fire bowl with a blaze stand. Featuring a simple, rippled effect and ornate stand, it creates a stunning focal point for your garden and provides plenty of heat to keep everyone toasty.

This type of modern outdoor heater is also super-easy to look after with very little maintenance required. Any rust can be concealed with heat resistant paint and we always advise to keep your outdoor fireplace covered in winter when not in use.

Outdoor Heaters for Cooking

We love to use our gardens as a sociable space in the winter where family and friends gather to eat barbecue food and put the world to rights. This BBQ and Firepit is designed for “grillin’ and chillin’" so that you can enjoy the outdoors to the highest standards. A tough lacquered finish, steel trimmings and ribbed body make it highly robust and great for regular use.

For a gorgeous, wintry effect, add coals or logs to bring light to the top. As both a firepit and a cooking device, this is also a great space-saver for those seeking a more compact aesthetic or if you’re limited on room.

All-Weather Furniture for your Outdoor Space

When designing your outdoor space to be functional, stylish and low-maintenance throughout the seasons, it’s also essential to include all-weather furniture. Rattan is a great option as it tolerates a huge range of temperatures without degrading and is very easy to look after with just a quick wipe-down required after each use.

Our award-winning range features synthetic weave manufactured specifically for use in outdoor furniture and designed to appear and feel just like natural rattan-weave. Every piece is also beautifully unique having been handwoven by expert craftspeople in Indonesia using traditional skills passed down through the generations.

Go for the Cove 3-seater sofa suite if you’re looking for smooth, straight lines, plenty of space to relax and wide, flat arms designed for lounging. This suite features synthetic weave tightly woven to look and feel like natural water hyacinth with a characterful plaited effect. For smaller spaces, the Montana 2-seater suite is a great alternative.

When it comes to outdoor heaters, it’s also important to go back to basics with some cuddly accessories. A throw and cushions will do the job nicely but make sure you have the storage to protect your items. The Fiji Cushion Box offers a simple yet detailed design that adds a stylish edge to your outdoor space. It’s also super easy to keep clean and is both highly water resistant and well-accustomed to colder temperatures, making it ideal for year-round use.

For more great ideas about how to heat your outdoor space in winter and for all the latest inspiration in outdoor furniture, browse our collections.


Feng Shui For Your Garden

Feng Shui for your Garden

Feng Shui is a wonderful starting point to think about your garden design scheme. After all, we all want our outside space to feel relaxing and simply a beautiful place to be with peace, serenity and enjoyment all year round. If you want to know how to design a garden landscape based on this age-old Chinese design philosophy, first you need to familiarise with its key principles.

Design Principles for your Feng Shui Garden

Feng Shui translates to ‘wind and water’ both of which act as the source of all life energy according to traditional Chinese beliefs. Also known simply as chi, you should always consider how to bring this life energy into every aspect of your Feng Shui garden space as you go through the design process.

You also need to attain the right balance of the five elements - Earth, Metal, Water, Wood, and Fire – in your garden to really do the job. But where does everything go and what elements should each part of your garden connect with and what can you use to make this happen? You can find out below with our Feng Shui theory map…


Personal and spiritual growth


Your career path and overall life path


Health, family and longevity

South and Southeast

Wealth, money and abundance

West and Southwest

Romance, luck and creativity, energy (especially that of children)

Even if you’re looking at garden design for small spaces, there are simple ways to turn this theory into something tangible and nourishing for all the senses. You simply need to adapt the key principles and tools to create a strong Feng Shui garden design.

Avoid straight, harsh lines and go for curved, gentle pathways to encourage a good chi flow. You can also use this idea of smooth, easy flow within the details of your Feng Shui garden.

Feng Shui Garden Ornaments

Feng Shui garden décor is another important way to utilise the theory and create positive flow and energy. Add water features to those areas where you want to encourage growth and prosperity – that’s money, health and your career path (southeast, east, north). An outdoor fountain will work beautifully. Bring light elements such as a fire pit, fairy lights or lanterns to the Fire areas, wind chimes and sculptures to the north area for the Metal element, and wooden furnishings to the eastern area to honour the Wood element. A zen garden with pleasant rock formations and flowerpots will work beautifully in the north east area to encourage the Earth element and positive energy flow towards personal growth and nurture.

Bringing your Feng Shui Garden to Life

Now that we’ve explained the basics of Feng Shui garden theory, it’s time for the fun part! Bring your garden to life with these beautiful pieces from our collections:

Many people find an animal-themed ornament very soothing for the Metal areas and Ribbet the Frog is a perfect example. Up-cycled by local village workforce in Vietnam, it is both a charming and eco-friendly ornament that provides income to those in need. Puss the Cat is also a popular option.

Colours play a major role in the Feng Shui theory to encourage the right energy. This is why we recommend using warm, rusty tones of red and brown in Fire areas. The Aspen fire pit has a lovely brass effect and sloping lines to encourage good chi. A cast iron fire bowl will also work well where attractive, painted framework adds a subtle, tactile sense of character to any outdoor space.

Wooden elements such as a dining set or swing chair will bring a powerful sense of strength to your space. We love this Oak Swing Seat made using Responsibly Sourced Oak from Managed Forests in Europe. With space for three people to relax, it is a work of rustic brilliance. Original natural features add authenticity and create a deeper connection to the natural world. Furnishings in reclaimed teak will also do the job nicely.

Creating a Soothing Space

We hope that you enjoy creating your Feng Shui garden! Browse our collections today for even more inspiration on how to create that flee flowing chi and reap all the benefits that such a tranquil, energising space will bring.

Unique Home Décor Trends for 2019 and beyond ...

You might be wondering what home décor is in style for this season – and what garden décor too! But we would always recommend going for timeless and unique styles. That way, you won’t be tied to a trend and each product can be tailored to your personal taste and interior design scheme. Our home décor collections are some of the most inspirational around. With items sourced from as far afield as Vietnam and India, we also have plenty of bespoke pieces.

Upcycled Furniture

When looking for home décor tips and ideas, people love products that tell a story. Upcycled furniture is both good for the environment and has its own style personality, often with a great story to match. Case in point and we think you will love our bestselling Tuk Tuk bar. Imported from India and upcycled from decommissioned tuk tuks, it offers something entirely unique with every product bespoke and based on the original colour scheme of the working tuk tuk.

This also means you can tie into home décor colour trends for 2019 if you so wish. The entire bar rests on a reclaimed, hand finished wooden base, the original window acts as the serving hatch and even the headlights still work, making it ideal to step up the party wherever you are!

Reclaimed Teak Root Furniture

Natural wood furnishings are always popular because they offer beautiful original features and unique details. Every piece of our reclaimed teak root furniture is handmade and entirely bespoke to the buyer. This means that no two pieces are exactly the same. Browse our diverse range to understand more about which home decor suits your personality.

Perhaps you will fall for the quirky aesthetic on this rustic root side table where every individual piece has been hand worked and cut to form the solid base. Or maybe the lovely earthy feel on this reclaimed teak goat stall will take your fancy. The smooth teak and soft goat hide offers a unique tactile blend. These are some of the finest examples of how upcycled furniture can bring an authentic sense of originality to your space.

LED Furniture

If you’re interested in home décor for positive energy, then LED furniture may be right up your street. This trend has really taken off with vibrant colourways and eye-catching pieces. Brighten up your interior or garden space with this LED flower pot or jazz up your patio with the LED round chair that comes with 16 colour options. Customers also love the super-stylish curved bar with smoked black glass top that brings the party right to your home or commercial setting.

Novelty Drinks Coolers

We’ve all faced that challenge of keeping our drinks cool during the Great British summer. A bucket filled with ice isn’t ideal for practicality or aesthetics! Personally, we love a novelty item to bring a bit of fun to your garden space. Our drinks coolers will do just that. Bright and colourful, you can choose from a whole range of themes and sizes.

From a Land Rover style to the Spitfire, there is something to satisfy the kid in all of us. Our bestselling Bruce The Bull Cooler features a rear compartment for putting ice and drinks. He also has a bottle opener on his bottom!

Metal Garden Ornaments

Many of our drinks coolers also have a great tale to tell which is perfect if you’re seeking timeless home décor. As part of our Metal Garden Ornaments collection, they have been recycled from used 44-gallon shipping drums by skilled craftspeople in Vietnam. Each one is designed to sustain and improve the lifestyle of the local Vietnamese people by providing both an income and a skillset. You also gain environmentally friendly bonus points in a functional and oh-so-pretty product.

The Garden Furniture Centre are widely considered to be one of the best places to buy home décor online with a beautiful selection of upcycled furniture to suit different design schemes. We hope you enjoy the collections!
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