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Understanding Garden Colour Schemes

Understanding Garden Colour Schemes

When approaching a garden design or redesign, colour is one of the best places that you can begin. The colours that we choose for both our home interiors and garden space and the aesthetic we choose to create can speak volumes about our unique personality.

As garden design can be a little overwhelming, looking more closely at the psychology of colour is a fascinating and sensible place to begin. It can also provide great inspiration for different colour combinations and how to use garden furniture and ornaments to complement the overall landscape.

Green, Green Grass

We also need to consider the role of the seasons and Mother Nature alongside the colours that we choose. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance, all-year-round option, green is the perfect base colour. As the natural choice for a soothing, balanced space, it brings a sense of vibrancy to our garden thanks to its associations with water and life.

For an evergreen garden, opt for ferns – we love the Japanese lace and wood varieties. You can also play around with different types of evergreen grass to create movement and variety in your green garden colour scheme – Great Woodrush is a lovely, classic option. If you’d like a sprinkling of colour to offset the green tones, stick with relaxing tones such as lavender.

Feeling Blue

For a soothing aesthetic with a little more impact, blue is a great option. Believed to stimulate a calm, reflective and meditative atmosphere, it offers a beautiful extension of the natural world from the colour of the sky. Bluebells, clematis and cornflowers are stunning choices, while forget me nots will add a charming edge. We also love the blue hydrangea which comes in both striking and more subtle shades.

In the Red

At the other end of the colour spectrum, pinks and reds are popular options for those designing a colourful garden. Red is the colour of choice if you want a bold, confident and uplifting garden colour scheme with a hint of fire. Roses, poppies, dahlias, anemones and begonias will make for a very passionate picture. You can also add red flowers in softer and stronger tones, such as red sunflowers, cannas and the ever-beautiful chrysanthemums.

Pinkie Promise

For a softer, more romantic and sensual aesthetic, a pink colour scheme is the way to go. Think hydrangeas, penstemons, nerines and magnolias. We also like the look of coneflowers for a more unique colourful garden design.

Mellow Yellow

For a different perspective on a bright and cheerful space, yellow is a beautiful option. Flowers such as acacia, primrose, marigold and chrysanthemum will bring sunshine for a very joyful and colourful garden.

Choosing your Outdoor Accents

Of course, while choosing your garden colour scheme is important, you also need to consider the type of furniture that will work within your chosen aesthetic. While a lot of it is down to personal preference, we love the marriage between teak outdoor furniture and more “natural” colours such as blue and green. They work together beautifully to create a calming space.

For more vibrant garden colour schemes in red and other bold colours, aluminium garden furniture creates a beautiful contrast between textures and tones. And if you’re going for a softer, more subtle colourway in yellow, pink or similar, we love the look of classic rattan furniture. There’s something about the combination of softer tones and the intricate weave of the rattan that creates a truly outstanding look for your colourful garden.

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