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How to Heat your Outdoor Space in Winter

There are so many wonderful ways to appreciate our gardens, from simply designing an aesthetically beautiful space that makes us feel rested and calm to creating a sociable area which can be enjoyed throughout the seasons. As the cooler months approach, we want to talk about how to heat your outdoor space in winter and gain the most enjoyment from your garden whatever the weather.

When the sun isn’t shining and the temperatures have dropped, there are plenty of ways to keep things cosy and snug. Gone are the days when garden heaters were clunky and unattractive; modern garden furniture is all about creating a tactile experience and a comfy, chilled out area in which to spend time with your loved ones beneath the smooth winter skies, crisp spring days and snuggly autumn afternoons.

Choosing your Outdoor Heaters

When it comes to choosing your outdoor heaters, it usually comes down to budget and style preferences. However, it’s always best to go for the highest possible quality in your price bracket because you get what you pay for especially if you’re planned to use your items frequently. And there are plenty of great options at a good price right here at the Garden Furniture Centre.

There’s nothing quite as cosy as gathering around the fire pit, Go for industrial chic with a cast iron fire bowl or a strong modern aesthetic with this brass effect contemporary design. If you like to make a real statement with your outdoor furniture, many customers love the cast iron fire bowl with a blaze stand. Featuring a simple, rippled effect and ornate stand, it creates a stunning focal point for your garden and provides plenty of heat to keep everyone toasty.

This type of modern outdoor heater is also super-easy to look after with very little maintenance required. Any rust can be concealed with heat resistant paint and we always advise to keep your outdoor fireplace covered in winter when not in use.

Outdoor Heaters for Cooking

We love to use our gardens as a sociable space in the winter where family and friends gather to eat barbecue food and put the world to rights. This BBQ and Firepit is designed for “grillin’ and chillin’" so that you can enjoy the outdoors to the highest standards. A tough lacquered finish, steel trimmings and ribbed body make it highly robust and great for regular use.

For a gorgeous, wintry effect, add coals or logs to bring light to the top. As both a firepit and a cooking device, this is also a great space-saver for those seeking a more compact aesthetic or if you’re limited on room.

All-Weather Furniture for your Outdoor Space

When designing your outdoor space to be functional, stylish and low-maintenance throughout the seasons, it’s also essential to include all-weather furniture. Rattan is a great option as it tolerates a huge range of temperatures without degrading and is very easy to look after with just a quick wipe-down required after each use.

Our award-winning range features synthetic weave manufactured specifically for use in outdoor furniture and designed to appear and feel just like natural rattan-weave. Every piece is also beautifully unique having been handwoven by expert craftspeople in Indonesia using traditional skills passed down through the generations.

Go for the Cove 3-seater sofa suite if you’re looking for smooth, straight lines, plenty of space to relax and wide, flat arms designed for lounging. This suite features synthetic weave tightly woven to look and feel like natural water hyacinth with a characterful plaited effect. For smaller spaces, the Montana 2-seater suite is a great alternative.

When it comes to outdoor heaters, it’s also important to go back to basics with some cuddly accessories. A throw and cushions will do the job nicely but make sure you have the storage to protect your items. The Fiji Cushion Box offers a simple yet detailed design that adds a stylish edge to your outdoor space. It’s also super easy to keep clean and is both highly water resistant and well-accustomed to colder temperatures, making it ideal for year-round use.

For more great ideas about how to heat your outdoor space in winter and for all the latest inspiration in outdoor furniture, browse our collections.



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