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Best Plants for Moist Soil

While autumn and winter in the UK inevitably mean a lot of rain, it’s safe to say we experience a fair bit of wet weather all year round. By understanding which are the best plants for moist soil, we can make sure that our garden flourishes throughout the seasons.

As different parts of the garden will receive more moisture due to their exposure to the elements, e.g. open flowerbeds compared to spots of soil sheltered by trees, we need to understand how to utilise the best plants for moist soil so we can make the most of every area of our garden.

Below we have gathered our selection of those plants that simply love the wet weather so that your outdoor space will grow and thrive on even the wettest days…

Tropical Temptations

If you want to transform a dark, dreary landscape into a tropical paradise, cannas are a great choice featuring brightly coloured flowers and large leaves. With the option of taller or dwarf plants, they work well for any garden space for a neater, ordered look or a more adventurous, busy landscape.

Lythrum is another gorgeous, vibrant option that flourishes in wetter conditions with spiky pink flowers that turn red in autumn and always brighten up the landscape. We also like helenium, a bright and fiery flower that works well in damp soil. This is also a super versatile option - let the flowers grow and flourish or trim them back for a neater look that some people prefer during the wetter seasons.

Best Plants for Damp Shade

Moist soil and damp shade often go hand in hand in our gardens, so this part is all about finding those plants that thrive in such conditions instead of simply exist. Hostas are one such example which evolve beautifully with the seasons. In cooler months, they show up as green leaves trimmed with yellow while the summer welcomes purple flowers. They are super easy to grow but make sure to check the type of hosta you purchase before going ahead, as some work better in damp conditions than others.

If you’re looking for more low maintenance plants for damp soil, persicaria is a great option. It’s also super long flowering for maximum impact. Presented in various shades of pink and red with a lovely, delicate aesthetic, it works great as a herbaceous perennial plant in damp soil and part shade.

Certain varieties of iris also work well in moist conditions. The Siberian Iris works beautifully in damp soil to produce deep blue-purple flowers and vibrant, slender green foliage in abundance towards the end of spring. The yellow flag iris is another bright and beautiful option that will flourish and bring a touch of beauty to any style of garden, although it does need careful watch as it likes to spread.

Foxglove is a good biennial flower that grows in sun or shade; astilbes is a ferny, unique flower with broad leaves which stands nice and tall and works best in shady, damp areas. Japanese Primrose is a spring-blooming perennial that likes wetter conditions while cardinal flowers and their gorgeous red blooms are most comfortable beside water, such as a stream or pond.

Garden Furniture for Wet Weather

It’s par for the course that as we’re speaking about plants for damp soil, we also need to think about preparing our gardens for wetter weather in terms of furniture too. Invest in some versatile rattan furniture or sleek teak furniture whose oily nature makes it naturally resistant to all weather with a lovely smooth finish that won’t rot, warp or split.

You should also invest in some garden furniture covers that can be thrown on at a moment’s notice to create a close, protective cocoon against dirt, grime and extreme weather and keep your furniture in the best condition. All seams on our garden furniture covers are taped for extra strength and long-lasting quality. We also add water repellent treatment and UV Stabilisers to the fabric during the manufacturing process.


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