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How to Create Your Own Stunning Christmas Wreath

Here are some great tips on how to create your own Christmas wreath. Follow this simple video guide - Click the button below now...


Here’s What you'll Need for Your Christmas Wreath -

A floral oasis available from a florist or garden centre – Cost around £4
Evergreens from your garden - Collect cuttings of any firs, holly trees or hedges
Pine tree branches & cones
Artificial poinsettias and holly stems & berries
Green garden wire, pruners and gloves
Decorative ribbon to finish

How to Make the Christmas Wreath for Your Front Door

Many of the materials for your wreath can be sourced from your own garden, a friendly neighbour, or bought inexpensively from your local garden centre.

First soak the oasis ring in water so it can feed the plants for several weeks over the Christmas holidays.

Collect up any evergreens from your own garden if you can and cut off lower branches from your Christmas tree to use on the ring.

Start on the outside lower edge of the oasis ring working your way around to complete the first layer. Then complete the inner circle with smaller branches. Leave gaps for later into which you will put your artificial decorations.

Move to the next layer filling with smaller branches that are shorter than the first layer to form a tiered effect.

Use some gardening wire or an old coat hanger wrapped around the ring so you can hang it from your door. Twist the wire at the top of the ring so it will hang just how you want it to.
Place the poinsettia flowers at the bottom of the ring. Real poinsettias will only last a day or two when placed in a ring so artificial is OK. Artificial poinsettias are vibrantly coloured, don't cost a lot and will last for as long as you need them to.

Use a bushier evergreen to fill the wider gaps around the facing edge of the oasis ring.

Place alternate evergreens around and opposite to each other on the ring for a nice variation of colour and texture.

Use the holly next with real berries for a vibrant red contract if you can. Use artificial holly berries if need be.

Use pruners to shape a trim the holly and evergreens as you a constructing the display.

Next use your garden wire to attach the pine cones to the ring. Large open cones look so much nicer but if you have some that are closed, just pop them into a hot oven for about 5 minutes and they should then open up.

Really try to pack the ring with evergreens and contrasting berries, leaving no gaps, for the best looking display.
Finally add a decorative ribbon to the bottom of your Christmas wreath.

The last job is to hang your beautiful Christmas wreath on your door. To extend its life you can water the oasis ring every few days or so and it should then last you a good number of weeks. Merry Christmas!

Make Your Own Christmas Wreath


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