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Outdoor Entertaining – The Garden Furniture You Need

Outdoor Entertaining – the Garden Furniture you need

Over the past decade we’ve realised that our customers love to use their garden as an extra room for the home. In the summer, the garden becomes an extension and the perfect place for outdoor entertaining and greeting guests.

If you’ve just moved house or are considering a revamp of your garden, we have a quick guide on the best garden furniture for outdoor entertaining.

  1. Table and Chairs …

When buying a table and chairs for the garden, consider the storage potential. Not all furniture is capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions and so may need to be stored over winter. You can find a range of frost resistance garden furniture on our website, or you can choose garden furniture that folds, making it a space saver for storage. The table needs to be sturdy, and capable of holding a good weight, as there’s little worse than a wobbly table that can send drinks flying.

To make chairs more appealing you can add cushions that can be stored inside on wet days.

garden benches are great for outdoor entertaining

  1. Benches …

Good solid garden benches can add focal points to the garden while being capable of providing extra seating should you hold a big event. Make sure the bench is protected with an all weather wood stain or paint, and choose bench cushions to make the bench more comfortable in the summer months.

  1. Gazebos …

A Gazebo is an ideal place to entertain visitors. They can hold between 2 and 10 people easily, and provide shade in the hot summer months. Over time you can grow attractive plants up the gazebo and the addition of a small table makes it an excellent place to hold an afternoon tea party.

outdoor entertaining with parasols for shade

  1. Parasols …

If you have children, parasols are essential for outdoor entertaining. In Britain we many have interchangeable weather but the sun can cause a lot of harm when it does decide to shine. A parasol will also keep food and drinks cooler while entertaining and will ensure you can have a good conversation without the sun in your eyes.

  1. A Swing Seat …

A swing seat is not an essential but it does make for a beautiful addition to any garden. It has romantic connotations and will attract couples at your event. It’s also a great place to relax and read a book when you’re alone. We think a swing seat is the ideal place to watch the sun set.

Have we mentioned all the garden furniture needed for outdoor entertaining or would you add more? Please do let us know if there’s a piece of garden furniture you can’t live without.

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