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How to Attract Birds to Your Garden Every Year

As the garden starts to take on elements of autumn there's nothing better than preparing your garden for the oncoming winter and the arrival of familiar birds.

Ones you can expect to see in your UK garden cover many and varied species. The common types of birds you can attract include:

Robins, blackbirds, great tits, blue tits, greenfincehs and common house sparrows.

What Food to Provide?

There are some particular favourites that many varieties of birds will prefer. There are many commercial bird seed mixes and foods you can buy off the shelf if you shop around and they needn't costs a fortune.

Popular foods and seeds include black sunflower seeds, peanuts, fat balls along with many bird cakes and mixes.

For the fully story and the A-Z of attracting birds and feeding them in your garden visit the RSPB at -

Bird feed -

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