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Why Bamboo is Taking Over Garden Furniture!

Bamboo Furniture Range at the Garden Furniture Centre

Why Bamboo is Taking Over Garden Furniture!


With the demand for sustainable resources and eco-friendly materials to build on the rise, it is important that companies find alternative ways to manufacture furniture with an environmental mindset. With this, the Garden Furniture Centre has many products that are constructed from upcycled materials or plastic waste to make the important steps to tackle our serious climate issues. However, we also take pride in producing and supplying garden furniture that has been carefully crafted out of bamboo due to its versatility! So, here is a rundown of how bamboo is a brilliant alternative to other raw materials, and the incredible benefits it holds for our planet and wildlife!

How eco-friendly is Bamboo?


Bamboo is one of the most eco-friendly materials available for manufacturing and building all over the world. Without any chemical processing, it absorbs five times more carbon dioxide than other raw materials, as well as producing 35% more oxygen than any other similar plants! Due to this, bamboo is an extremely sought-after alternative material to create many different products.

This is especially apparent in the textile industry to make clothes, yarn, and cloth! What is more, bamboo can also be used to make cooking utensils and kitchen equipment (check out our Ooni range bamboo pizza peels), as it is heat-resistant, lightweight, and fantastically durable!


Building with Bamboo


Fundamentally, bamboo is widely used by businesses to construct shelters or larger items for structural support due to its robust and strong exterior. The main advantages when building with bamboo is that it is cost effective and extremely flexible which makes it easier to mould and work with. Equally, it poses no danger or threat to your health or any surroundings unlike cement and asbestos as it is a natural material. What is more, the strength of bamboo is what makes this material so popular. Due to the fibres running vertically, this allows it to form a durability that is stronger than steel! With this, it allows companies to ensure that their buildings are safer for the environment with the added reassurance that their tenants or buyers are protected from any health risks.



Notably, bamboo can withstand heat from up to 4000 degrees due to the high value silicate acid and water content! This is reassuring for anyone wanting to use or purchase bamboo for shelter or even protection for their outdoor space, as there is no worry about having a naked flame close to the building or structure.


Bamboo at the Garden Furniture Centre


Our bamboo range at the Garden Furniture Centre includes some of our most popular and sustainable products that we have to offer! Our Bambrella parasols are perfect for any outdoor area due to their fantastic manufacturing. These are crafted out of laminated bamboo, which is not only high-quality but is also eco-friendly! The best part about having some of our products made out of bamboo is that its growth is rapid, as well as requiring little to no maintenance.


As well as our Bambrella parasols, we also have our range of magnificent bamboo gazebos! With an essence of style and sophistication, these gazebos are a fabulous and sustainable addition to your outdoor space. These gazebos are crafted from treated bamboo and is finished with a gorgeous lattice design weaved along the panels. What is more, the roof is lined with strips of plaited bamboo and finished with a thatched roof that is completely waterproof! And there is no need to worry about maintenance with these gazebos either, as the roof is coated with synthetic mesh which repels water, allowing it to run off the roof with no residue. There is also the inclusion of the inner table which is made of the same treated bamboo that can be placed anywhere you desire!


Now that you know a little more about the use of bamboo, maybe you should come to our showroom in Wootton Wawen to see our magnificent bamboo products for yourself!


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