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Discover What Plants to Grow from Summer to Winter

New Plant Hardiness Rating SystemKnowing the hardiness of a plant is not always as clear as it should be when considering what to grow at different times of the year. To achieve all year round colour requires careful planning if your plant buying is to pay off and for your displays not to fall victim to searing heat or early frosts.

To help with identifying what plants will perform under what conditions the RHS has introduced an enhanced hardiness rating system. The system is designed to help gardeners make more of an informed decision when it comes to deciding on the right plant for the right conditions.

The old plant hardiness rating system has been around since the 1960's so was due a revamp. The new system introduces a more detailed 7 rating system from the old 4 step and will encompass thousands of plants from 2013 onwards.

The new system has been developed over the past couple of years with the help of many industry experts. Ratings run from H1 - H7 with the H7 category being the most hardy of plants being able to withstand colder temperatures.

For more information of the new hardiness rating system for 2013 and download the PDF... Read more




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