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Courtyard Gardens


Courtyard Gardens

Courtyard gardens can be very small and it may seem almost impossible to achieve a fresh, original and comfortable look to such a space. The fact is that there are ways of working with courtyard gardens that can make them an attractive and colourful place to be, adding the right kind of garden furniture and the right type of plants will make all the difference. One of the tricks of enlarging a courtyard garden is to concentrate on using vertical as well as horizontal space by using a pergola or something similar create a more private space, and make the courtyard appear bigger. Taking things upwards, creates the illusion of more space and also provides some privacy.

When courtyard gardens are extended vertically, it helps to break the garden up into zoned areas. Creating separate zones in a small space, can make it appear bigger, rattan garden furniture, complete with scatter cushions will add colour to the space and give you somewhere comfortable to sit and relax. Choose a few vibrant plants to add life to the space and often the addition of a small water feature will make all the difference. The gentle noise of water can often be more relaxing than almost anything else, the sound of that softly flowing water helps in forgetting the cares of the day.

If you have a fairly sheltered courtyard garden, add a touch of greenery because it will help to make your space look more exotic and will also enhance the look of your patio furniture. The pergola is great because it gives you something to look at, in time, if you choose, you can trail plants like jasmine and honeysuckle across the pergola. The garden is a great place to sit comfortably and relax with a drink after a hard day at work. A little bit of thought, inspiration, colour and the right kind of garden furniture can really add substance and style to a small space.


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