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10 Simple Gardening Tricks

For this weeks top 10 we’ve sought out some simple yet effective gardening tricks for you to try out at home. We hope you find them useful!

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1.  Don’t just throw away water you’ve used to boil your veggies and potatoes in, let it cool then treat your flowers and plants to a meal too. The nutrients released into the water when food is boiled will help your flowers to thrive

2.  To make a perfectly practical and cheap watering can, prick holes in the lid of a milk carton and you’ll have a great watering jug

3.  Wrap the handles of your garden tools in a brightly coloured tape or fabric so you don’t lose them amongst the grass

4.  Dental floss is a great way to tie plants up, it’s small enough to fit in your pocket and it has its own serrated edge for cutting the floss

5.  An old screw driver is fantastic for digging weeds out of your patio, it fits great between each slab and you’re able to get some leverage to drive the weed out

6.  Store up plastic milk cartons and bottles through the summer, cut them in half and you have the perfect protection for your plants from the frost in the winter

7.  Instead of throwing away the lint your dryer collects, chuck it in your compost pile, it contains carbon which your plants will thank you for

8.  Use one of your gardening tools, e.g. a spade for a measuring stick. Mark it up using a measuring tape and you’ll constantly have a reliable measuring tool with you in the garden

9.  Spread a layer of rock salt between paving stones on patios or walk ways after you’ve finished de-weeding between them and nothing will grow there for months

10. Add your vegetable peelings to your compost pile, they’re great for enriching the nutrient content in your garden



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