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VIDEO BLOG – Dave Thompson – Our Favourite Chelsea Pensioner!

VIDEO BLOG – Dave Thompson – our favourite Chelsea Pensioner!

We’ve exhibited at RHS Chelsea Flower Show since 2013 and every year the sizzling atmosphere on our Trade Stand has been made all the more special by a visit from our favourite Chelsea Pensioner, Dave Thompson.

He’s a great character and we welcome his unique brand of humour on our stand every year so, this year in 2017, we’ve taken things one step further and managed to convince Dave to do a daily Video Blog live from our stand.

Who are the Chelsea Pensioners?

As the website of the Royal Hospital Chelsea says …

“The Chelsea Pensioners are the iconic faces of the UK’s veteran community. They reside at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, their 325-year-old home founded by Charles II, in the heart of London.”

Some 300 Chelsea Pensioners live at The Chelsea Hospital from all four corners of the UK. They have seen service in a range of conflicts from World War II to the Falklands.

Dave himself has been a Chelsea Pensioner for 5 years and, as he describes himself, is a Raconteur!

V-Log 1 – PRESS DAY:

Dave anticipates the upcoming show, the visit from the Queen and the forecast for some much needed hot weather!

V – Log 2 – the Opening Day to the Public:

Dave gives us some more pearls of wisdom from his time in Redditch!

V – Log 3:

Dave pontificates about the weather from inside the Apple Day Bed!

V – Log 4:

Dave lounges in the scorching hot sun, sings Happy Birthday to Jill and quotes Jerome K Jerome – perhaps his finest moment yet!

V – Log 5:

Dave chats about sweat fetishes and snow covered gardens!

V – Log 6 – The Final Day:

Dave rounds things off in style with a lovely lady on his arm and quotes from Dylan Thomas …

Until next year Dave – once again you’ve been a star!

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