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Top Tips For Garden Summer Houses …

Top Tips for garden Summer Houses …

Garden summer houses are an increasingly popular choice for creating more space by adding an extra room in the garden.

Where extensions and loft conversions are not an option, a summer house can give more useable space to a property with minimal disruption.

Whether you want to use your new space as an office, a teenager’s den, guest accommodation, or a living room for yourself or older relatives, you will want to furnish it to your requirements.

Summer Houses – an extension of your home …

Modern garden rooms can come fully equipped with double glazed windows, insulation, and electric lighting and sockets, meaning they are just like the rooms in your house.

You may want to furnish your new room with regular house furniture, which is fine. As an extension to your home, decorating and furnishing it to match makes sense.

However, having a new room which is a little separate from your main home is a good excuse to do something different.
Here are our tips for furnishing your garden room:

Summer Houses make a great extension of the home
Summer Houses make a great extension of the home

1. Consult the people who the room is meant for. If it’s a teenage den, your teens may have some great ideas about what they want. Let them play a part in creating it and they’ll take pride in it, and fingers crossed, keep it nice.

2. Don’t shy away from using garden furniture rather than house furniture. It is a garden house after all. Modern garden furniture is very stylish and comfortable. Browse your local garden centre for ideas – don’t forget to take your measurements with you in case you spot a bargain.

3. While you may be unable to wallpaper on some summer house interiors, there’s no reason why you can’t paint the interior of the garden room and use transfers or hang pictures. Floral prints bring the outside in and make the room a part of your garden.

4. Think about multi-purpose furniture. While garden rooms add valuable space, they may not be all that large. Look for coffee tables that double as storage units, or a sofa-bed for an occasional guest room.

5. While the choice between curtains and blinds may be dependent on what the style of windows will allow, blinds tend to be lighter and brighter than bulky curtains. Voile curtains add a nice touch if you can’t bear the minimalist style completely.
Choose furniture that is hardy to the elements.

Rattan and Teak look great in and around Summer Houses
Rattan and Teak look great in and around Summer Houses

While your garden room furniture will be under cover, it will likely be more exposed to the weather than your regular furniture.

Choose pieces that won’t fade in too much sunlight, or get ruined by a little bit of wind and rain. Rattan and wood are much hardier than fabrics such as suede or wool.

Make it your own!

Your new room is part of your home and should reflect your style and tastes. Don’t try to make it something that isn’t ‘you’ just because it follows the latest trend. You’ll love your new space and use it more if you’re happy in there.

Creating your own space, or for another family member or guest, is easy and quick. Garden rooms are so versatile – you can make them whatever you need them to be right now, and the beauty is that you can change it as your family’s needs change. Today a teenage den, tomorrow a studio space for your latest hobby.

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