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Southampton Boat Show - Seaweed Sweets & much more

They’re bigger than a lot of houses!

That’s just one of the thoughts that runs through your head as you marvel at some of the Super-Yachts on display at The Southampton Boat Show.

Or at any boat show really, but Southampton really is the most prestigious and has the open air space of Europe’s largest purpose built marina for exhibitors to bring their most impressive offerings.

Take a look at the video below - you’ll get a feel for what we’re talking about.

Outdoor furniture at The Southampton Boat Show?

What’s that all about, you ask?

Well believe us, it works and we got a lot of attention from the 10,000 visitors who attended.

Largely because the punters also have houses, of course! And our luxury brand of outdoor furniture is also perfect for lounging around on the decking.

In fact our Luxor Range is made from Marine Grade Synthetic Rattan and Leather making it a perfect fit for The Southampton Boat Show.

Luxor Marine Grade Furniture on our Trade Stand in Southampton

This year we had an L-shaped stand and this was built to exacting specifications by Ben, as usual - a bit more basic than the Award Winner we built at The Chelsea Flower Show but, never-the-less, a great platform to be seen on. We even took a video for you from a nearby yacht …

The usual complimentary glass of fizz gave punters the perfect excuse to browse and relax on the furnishings and contributed to a great atmosphere across the whole 10 days.

Gaz goes to Jersey and the cooler’s the deal …

We always take the novelty drinks coolers to every show we do and Gaz the Gorilla insists on taking up residence on various pieces of furniture as he pleases.

However, The Southampton Boat show proved to be his lucky day as one customer took him back to Jersey with him this year, you can see him below looking all pleased with himself on the yacht waiting to depart.

Gaz leaving for Jersey Gaz leaving for Jersey

Our Brucey also got in on the Jersey affair and had great fun watching the Red Arrows who put on a thunderous display for the crowds on the second day.

It was their first display at Southampton and Flt Lt Stew Campbell said,

“We thoroughly enjoyed performing our first ever display at the Southampton Boat Show today and hope we entertained visitors with our aerobatic manoeuvres. Flying over Europe’s largest purpose built marina really brought home the scale and size of the event. We’re sure this won’t be our last appearance.”

They really are impressive and to this day we can’t believe they made a heart shape in the sky with the jet stream from the plane - truly unbelievable.

Red Arrow display at Southampton Boat Show Red Arrow display at Southampton Boat Show

Perhaps the most interesting buy of the show was a from a customer who owns a chain of restaurants in and around Twickenham called The Blues Smokehouse. He bought multiple coolers to wheel out full of drinks and ice for his diners in the Blues Smokehouse.

A very novel way to serve the drinks and we’re sure he’ll be back for more.

And then there was the architect from Hampton Court who is building a rather large floating pontoon on the Thames complete with garden and swimming pool.

He stopped by the stand to have a browse and ended up placing an order for at least one of virtually every single item on our stand to add the final touches to his extravagant project.

Of course, we asked him for a picture of the finished article and he said he’d oblige.   

Trade Shows are a great way to take the brand to market and have fun at the same time and the boat show is no exception.

Other highlights from The Southampton Boat Show …

Seaweed Flavoured Sweets:

No, your eyes didn’t deceive you in the title of this blog there really were Seaweed flavoured Sweets available to try in the Aquarium at the show.

Obviously, the samples were gone in no time at all so we didn’t get a chance to partake but in general those who did try them said that they really did taste like the sea - a very strange thing for sweet to taste like really - not altogether sure we’d fancy it?

You can read more comments from those who tried them here.  

Familiar Faces:

Spectacles like these really do attract the celebrities and Southampton Boat Show was no exception this year.

F1 presenter Suzi Perry opened the Sunseeker Stand along with Britain’s Got Talent winners Collabro.

Sailing powerhouse Sir Robin Knox-Johnston and Olympian, Annie Lush could also be seen wandering around and taking in the atmosphere as well.

Overall, 2015 at The Southampton Boat Show has been hailed as a great success by both the organisers, the exhibitors and all those who attended.
It was great to be a part of such a wonderful spectacle


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