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RHS Chelsea 2015 – Multi-Coloured Potatoes, Rocket Gardening & Dark Matter …

RHS Chelsea 2015 – Multi-Coloured Potatoes, Rocket Gardening & Dark Matter …

It may seem like RHS Chelsea is but a distant memory now but to us the real work now begins as we schedule the rush of orders we received for delivery across the UK.

While we’re still in the Chelsea frame of mind we thought we’d reflect on some of our favourite moments from the show.

So, what’s news from RHS Chelsea 2015?

In on the Awards …

We mentioned in our post on Press Day at the show that our Trade Stand won a Three Star Award for Presentation from the judges, so here’s a quick reminder of the stand design the team worked so hard to deliver.

And, even when the weather wasn’t the best we saw a packed stand throughout the show – even if it was just a welcome break for the feet for some revellers.

The Best in Show …

Chatsworth Garden Best in Show 2015

The organisers of RHS Chelsea 2015 eagerly awaited the return of garden designer Dan Pearson and what he had in store for the show.

Sponsored by Laurent-Perrier and built by Crocus Dan Pearson’s, Chatsworth Garden at Best in Show at Chelsea Flower Show 2015 certainly became an instant talking point with all who saw and interacted with it.

The inspiration came from a smaller and less well trodden garden on the 105 acre Chatsworth Estate and had a certain ‘wild’ appeal achieved by light and subtle plantings in keeping with Pearson’s love of the more natural elements of gardening.

A rockery and stream also feature heavily in the design and the inspiration for these was drawn directly from Joseph Paxton’s designs at Chatsworth in the 19th Century.

The plants and stones used were all sourced from the Chatsworth Estate itself.

Out of this world …

There were many unusual themes to be considered at RHS Chelsea 2015 and the various designers really outdid themselves with their creativity and attention to detail.

Here’s a few of our, less well documented favourites …

Dark Matter:

“the ‘stuff’ that is believed to make up a big percentage of our Universe but that cannot be seen.”

Science & Technology Facilities Council, (STFC).

Dark Matter Garden at RHS Chelsea 2015

It’s not that often you get a garden that really makes you think about outer space and what it’s made of, but this design did just that.

And it obviously had a big impression on the judges as it got a Gold Medal.

with a surreal aspect to it the design was dominated by rustic metal sculptures that ebbed and flowed through the space from a central hub that, we like to think, represented the centre of the universe.

Post show the garden has been re-built at the STFC Daresbury Laboratory where the hope it it will inspire even more people.

Rocket Gardening:

Yes, you heard right – Rocket Gardening!

Rocket Gardening at Chelsea Flower Show
From an original image in the Daily Telegraph.

This forms part of an innovative new initiative from the RHS in conjunction with the UK Space Agency to educate children about how what goes on in space affects life here on earth.

It’s a fantastic opportunity for around half a million UK school children the chance to have access to the knowledge base of both the European Space Agency and the RHS Science Team.

Part of the initiative involves jetting two kilograms of Rocket Seeds up to the International Space Station, and then, after several months of growth these will return to earth and be compared with those grown in the same period by a number of participating schools.

And what better place to give its promotional efforts a rocket than at RHS Chelsea 2015 – the most prestigious flower show on earth is now reaching for the stars!

Why not register your own interest in Rocket Science.

Rocket Science Project for schools

The weird and the wonderful …

Multi-Coloured Potatoes:

Potato Story at RHS Chelsea 2015

Being based at Yew Tree Farm Shopping Village we love our organic produce – in all its various forms.

Probably the main reason why we just have to feature The Potato Story at Chelsea Flower Show in our round up from RHS Chelsea in 2015.

This stunning exhibit won a Gold Medal and featured 140 different varieties of potato, (not potato), in a massive variety of sizes, shapes and colours along with written plaques that told the story of this humble vegetable.

Who’d have thought it – a potato winning a Gold Medal at the most prestigious RHS Flower Show of them all?

In fact, it is believed to be a first in the shows 153 year history – well, as they say, ‘there’s a first for everything.’

And, let’s face it, the potato is massively under publicised.

The Killer Plants:

Carnivorous Plants

There were three exhibitors of Carnivorous Plants at RHS Chelsea 2015 bringing back memories of Day of the Triffids and Tales of the Unexpected.

It just shows the true diversity on offer at RHS Flower Shows and The Carnivorous Plant Society were awarded a Silver Medal by the judges who were probably slightly worried they’d get bitten if they didn’t include these little nippers in the awards.

Highlighting good causes …

The Beauty of Islam:

Islam inspired Garden

Designed by Kamelia Bin Zaal this little treasure won a Silver Gilt which, in our humble opinion, should have been gold.

The hard landscaping is perfection itself and the garden as a whole really transports you to far off places full of eastern mysticism and culture.

We also felt it showed the true, reflective and peaceful side to the Islamic faith – a subject that is highly poignant and current when you consider the ongoing troubles with extremists at home and abroad.

A true show-stopper.

Breast Cancer gets People’s Choice:

The Breakthrough Breast Cancer Garden by Ruth Willmott won a Silver Gilt Medal.

Breast Cancer Garden by Ruth Willmott
From an original image by Emma Anderson.

With an eye-grabbing metal sculpture and a water pool that rippled every 10 minutes to represent the rate at which women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK the garden had massive impact and Ruth took inspiration from the genetic research and breakthroughs in research funded by Breakthrough Breast Cancer.

The exhibit seems even more poignant when you learn that Ruth’s sister was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014.

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