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All Round Outdoor Entertainment From Domus Ventures …

All round outdoor entertainment from Domus Ventures …

Let’s face it, outdoor entertainment is a big part of life, particularly when the weather’s fine and spirits are high.

And with staying in increasingly becoming the new going out many of us are increasingly choosing to entertain with friends and family at home.

Inevitably this means that, to do this properly, we need the tools to do the job preferably without having to do too much shopping around.

So, as a retailer of outdoor furniture it’s our job to provide you with this.

And that’s where Domus Ventures come in.

Outdoor Entertainment from Domus Ventures

Hand woven outdoor furniture

Outdoor Entertainment – a serious business …

Established in 1997 as a manufacturer of quality outdoor furniture, Domus Ventures now have a global presence with units and offices in five major nations including Germany, the US and China exporting all over the world.

Their Luxor Range  of premium quality outdoor furniture has one of the most unique designs we’ve seen on the market for years and is intended to cater for lovers of outdoor living and entertainment in their entirety.

From the buyer who simply wants to incorporate a sofa set into a smaller patio space, to those buyers that have larger outdoor spaces and require a larger range and variety of outdoor furniture and accessories to satisfy their requirements.

And we’ve kitted out our very own Luxor Range to reflect the same idea.

What will you find in this outdoor range?

Crescent Lounge from Domus Ventures

  • Modular Corner Units.
  • Outdoor Dining Sets.
  • Outdoor Sofa Sets.
  • The Luxor Sun Seeker with Icebox.
  • Crescent Lounge and Cardiff Day Beds.
  • Home Bar Set.
  • Sun Loungers.
  • Cushion Boxes.

What makes it so good for use outside?

Looks great next to the swimming pool

In short, it’s all about the materials Domus Ventures use and the meticulous attention to the hand finished detail that goes into all their outdoor furniture.

The Luxor Range uses AbacoXF which is a synthetic rattan specifically designed to look great and enhance the environment it sits in whilst having the practical qualities needed for regular use when entertaining outside.

This is complimented by the fabrics; a luxurious synthetic leather called MarinaPlus that’s super-easy to clean after the entertainment’s been in full swing whilst at the same time offering a plentiful seating experience.

So, we’ve got the outdoor entertainment covered – have you?

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