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How MeadowMat Turf Can Enhance Your Garden In A Beautifully Distinctive Way

How MeadowMat Turf Can Enhance Your Garden in a Beautifully Distinctive Way

For moments when it seems that your garden appears somewhat underwhelming, MeadowMat turf may just be the perfect answer.

Perhaps you feel it lacks a wisp of colour or you long for a sense of individuality. It might also be that there’s an absence of wildlife critters making their visits to your garden. This is particularly unmistakable during the gentle haze of our summer months.

Though a luscious grass lawn is accessible, traditional and, in the context of the 21st Century, recognised as eco-friendly, it is somewhat the ‘default’ option. If you agree, it could be time to consider a lawn alternative.

An Alternate Turf Concept

You will discover the solution in MeadowMat turf, which is a wonderful substitute to regular grass turf. MeadowMat is highly convenient and provides an immediate response to bringing wildflowers into your garden. Re-create a sense of nostalgia of our trademark British meadow as you view your wildflowers drifting tenderly with the breeze in your own back garden.

An additional advantage to MeadowMat turf is the sheer spontaneity of the results. It is unpredictably crammed with a mix of seedlings originating from native wildflowers and grasses. So once you’ve rolled out the turf and allowed it to establish itself, there’s no telling how it will evolve except for one fact; the results will be outstanding.

And it won’t only be you who will take delight to this wonderful addition to your garden. MeadowMat provides the necessary elements for bees and butterflies to flourish. Imagine the return of the familiar buzzing and bursts of colour to your garden, and for good! This ought to keep children entertained too.

Types of MeadowMat Turf

Once you have decided that your garden would appreciate the pizazz of this alternative to regular lawn, next you should consider the kind of aesthetic you’d like to employ.

Most suppliers offer MeadowMat that is pre-seeded with specially selected mixes that bloom to adopt a certain character. From the Traditional Meadow Mix option, which is straight-forward and contains 34 different species of flower, to the quaint Cottage Garden Mix that owns a selection of perennial and biannual wildflowers, MeadowMat serves to accomplish any gardener’s expectations.

What Does MeadowMat Turf Need?

Though it will grow on most soil types, MeadowMat turf flourishes in low-nutrient conditions. As such, there should be an element of care when laying the turf- provided you are looking to reap the best outcome possible.

MeadowMat, like traditional grass turf, arrives pre grown on a proven matting system. It’s important you get it rolled out and watered quickly so as to allow it to develop healthily!

Where Can I Find MeadowMat Turf?

Imagine being hidden away in the thick of your home-grown meadow, sat around the garden table with your loved ones as you all feast on a summery picnic while basking in the view of wildflowers! If it’s simply a small patch of lawn you wish to transform, or you believe a total MeadowMat garden transformation is up your street, then you will find a plethora of turf suppliers online to fulfil your requests. Click here to find out more!

In any circumstance, we can all agree that the addition of MeadowMat only serves to replenish and revitalise your garden!

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