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If Wheelie Bins could talk ... What would they ask for?

Wheelie Bins have feelings too you know ...

Wheelie Bins are not just wheelie bins any more ... they come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

And they have needs, believe it or not, just like anyone else.

And it's down to you as a user to satisfy these needs.

Storing the various types of waste we have nowadays is hard ... real hard.

So bit of care and attention to show your appreciation for their hard graft never goes amiss ...

Covers for Wheelie Bins Covers for Wheelie Bins - make them happy today ...

Particularly when there's three of them.

Wheelie Bin Covers - the perfect solution ...

It's all they ask for really - a bit of cover.

But not just any cover - it has to be fit for purpose - they do still have a job to do.

So it needs to keep them warm and dry when they're asleep, particularly in colder weather, but at the same time it needs to let them open up and accept whatever trash it is they're geared up for.

And they still need to be able to break free every now and again to meet and greet the bin men - usually once every two weeks to be exact.

And let's face it the noisy little devils are a bit ugly!

Don't tell them we said this but it's true - a cover will not only stop your bin moaning, it will also make the area they occupy in your garden look a bit prettier too.

Covers look really pretty in situ. Covers look really pretty in situ ...

Wheelie Bin Covers from The Garden Furniture Centre come in two different types - FSC and ECO - meaning they both satisfy the needs of your bin and the environment around them.

"Single, Double or Triple." 

In line with the above advice, both types are pretty and both types are practical.

They both include a chain that attaches to the bin's lid handle allowing you to open your cover and the bin at the same time. What's more, you will see from the featured image at the top of this post, there's also a handy little wooden bar to keep them open when you need both hands to satisfy the bins hunger.

Go on, make 'em happy, buy 'em some cover today and listen to them purr with happiness ...


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