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Great Gardening Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Keeping your children entertained throughout the whole of the school holidays can be difficult. Yes, there are plenty of theme parks to visit, the cinema and going shopping; however they can be really expensive. Here are some simple gardening ideas squarely aimed at keeping the little ones busy and to stop them from being bored.

Gardening  & Children’s Entertainment on a Budget

If you have a garden then there are many ways to keep your children interested and busy even if there’s the odd shower or two. In the book – Garden Crafts for Children by Dawn Isaac it shows really inventive ways to encourage your children to take an interest in the garden and wildlife that surrounds it. The book is published by CICO Books at £14.99 in hardback.

In the book there’s information on making a dinosaur park and what you’ll need for it.

Easy Ways to Keep Kids Busy this Summer
Easy Ways to Keep Kids Busy this Summer

Garden Dinosaur Park – Cost £15.00

All that’s needed is:

Old car tyre, black polythene, acrylic paint, sponge or roller, potting compost, some ferns, any small leafy plants, rocks, moss, toy dinosaurs.

This looks like great fun all for around £15.

Making a Scarecrow

Make a Scarecrow for the Garden
Make a Scarecrow for the Garden

This needn’t cost a lot and there’s heaps of fun to be had. Kids love to dress things up and it looks really easy. Just dig out some old clothes and grab yourself some wood for making the body. Here’s what you’ll need:

Thick wood or bamboo cane around  20-30 inches long, old broomstick, garden string, long-sleeved child’s T-shirt, ­­dungarees, old plastic bags filled with scrunched-up newspaper and straw, terracotta plant pot, old hat.

After you’ve made the scarecrow it’ll keep you smiling or days/weeks to come. Great fun.

For details and instructions with snippets from the book see:

Gardening Ideas for Kids this Summer

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