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Must Do Gardening Jobs For Spring …

Must do gardening jobs for Spring …

Five important spring gardening jobs …

Spring is the season to catch up on those all-important gardening jobs. Getting prepared is crucial if you want to have an eye-catching and healthy garden – not just over the summer months, but all year round as well.

So we’ve put together a list of five crucial gardening jobs to be performed in the springtime that will make your garden life easier and more efficient moving into the summer months.

1. Getting rid of winter …

Mowing the Lawn is one of the first gardening jobs
Mowing the Lawn has to be one of the first gardening jobs in spring …

The winter months create mess in and around the garden. Fall-out from the previous autumn means that dead foliage, leaves, etc clog up the flower beds and any lawned areas.

So one of the first gardening jobs is to clear out all this debris – like a spring clean really.

You can also check all plants for any frost damage, ok it hasn’t been that cold this winter but we have had a few cold spats and ice damaged plants can be haven for pests and fungi.

It’s also a good time to give the grass its first good cut of the year and, if you’ve got the inclination, scarify it as well.

2. Get the tools ready for the coming season …

Clean the greenhouse so it's at its best in the summer months
Clean the greenhouse so it’s at its best in the summer months …

There’s a number of gardening jobs all in one here.

Clean the tools from the previous seasons work. Give the greenhouse a good clean out so it’s working at maximum efficiency in the coming year. Install water butts if you haven’t already. Repair any damage to fences and the like. And create a compost area, again if you haven’t already.

3. Summer flowering plants …

This is the time to order them to allow plenty of time to ensure an impressive summer bloom.

These include things like: Bluebeard, Tutti Fruitti, Aster, Coreopsis, Dahlia and Moonshine. Below are a couple of good links for you read more about this

Thompson and Morgan – 10 Summer Flowering Bulbs.

BBC – Planting Summer Bulbs.

4. Cater for the longer growing season …

This is a great time to get those plants that need a longer growing season started off as well. This includes things like Geraniums and Begonias.

5. Pests and insects …

Remove pests and insects
Remove pests and insects

One of those less desirable gardening jobs but one that has to be done regardless.

Hunt down and remove any hibernating pests like aphid colonies and white vine weevil larvae.

It’s also a good time to remove any slugs and snails that might be lurking.

And, if you’re going to need one, get the fertiliser in.

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  1. Another good thing to do is getting rid of the the grass that’s left after you finish mowing the Lawn. If there is even a small amount and it rains it can suffocate the grass that’s bellow it and you end up with a ugly dead spot.

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