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VIDEO COLLECTION – Yes You Can Get Out In The Winter Garden!

VIDEO COLLECTION – Yes you can get out in the winter garden!

Brrrr it’s cold and getting out in the winter garden may be the last thing on your mind is the garden.

However there are a number of fun little tasks that you can do to reap the benefits outdoors at this time of year and at the very least the fresh air is definitely good for you.

So below we’ve provided a number of the most popular videos we could find that give you a reason to get out in the garden during winter time in 2018.


VIDEO #1 – Preparing the soil for spring …

VIDEO #2 – Growing in an unheated greenhouse …

VIDEO #3 – Top 6 Winter Crops …

VIDEO #4 – Making your own soil!

VIDEO #5 – Choose your garden furniture carefully …

From The Garden Furniture Centre of course!

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