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Christmas Present Ideas For A Gardener

If you’re thinking about what to buy the Gardener in your home for Christmas this year, we thought we’d start you with a few great ideas with options from just a few pounds through to those offering more serious projects for the New Year to get the juices flowing.

Seed Pack

The Seed Pantry offers a Kids Seed starter pack, which is a great gift for friends & family to begin growing food at home with the kids. Four different seed varieties are included within the pack; Pumpkin, Cress, Sunflowers and Sweetcorn, offering a choice for everyone to have a go and see the results of their efforts. Together with eco-friendly pots and mini compost disks, everything is included in the package to get you started, all that’s needed is to add water. This is the ideal introduction to the garden if you’re keen to get young children interested in gardening.

WormerieFor something a little different how about a Wormerie? A wormerie is a self contained system that’s used to compost kitchen waste which offers perfect for the garden organic compost. From a few odd scraps from the kitchen through to fallen leaves in the garden, a wormerie can help to offer great quality compost all year round.

Wigglywigglers offers two variations of tray wormery, the all new Worm Cafe and the Can-O-Worms. The Worm Cafe is a simple to use and efficient rectangular wormery for kitchen waste and allows easy access to the compost. The Can-O-Worms is a round wormery, ideal for soft organic waste such as peelings from vegetables, tea leaves, stale bread and even vacuum cleaner dust! Both styles are proven, offer fantastic performance and are bound to be a sure fire hit with any keen gardener.

Chicken Coop

If the gardener in your household has ever considered keeping chickens, why not treat them to an Eglu Classic Chicken Coop from Omlet? The Eglu Chicken Coop is a stylish practical addition to any garden, offering comfortable living space for up to four or five chickens. Fitted throughout with roosting bars and an integrated nesting box, the Eglu has the ability to keep chickens warm in winter and cool during summer – and a happy chicken is a chicken that lays eggs! With a choice of colours available, the Eglu Classic offers a superb gift choice if you are looking to buy something special for the chicken lover in your life.

Hand ToolsFor something a little more utilitarian take a look at what specialist garden tool manufacturers Burgon & Ball can offer. Their range of specialist garden hand tools are perfect for those fiddly jobs in the garden, and a superb choice is available to suit whatever your budget is.

Teak ArmchairOf course, when all the hard work is done what better way is there than to sit back, relax and admire all that has been achieved in the garden. With a contoured seat & smooth fold away action, the Henley folding armchair can be taken anywhere in the garden and utilised. A perfect gift for the gardener from us here at the Garden Furniture Centre to keep and cherish this coming Christmas.

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