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Activities To Do With The Kids This Spring

Activities To Do With The Kids This Spring...

Apart from the obvious choice of an Easter Egg hunt in April, we have put together some unique Easter & Spring themed outdoor activities for the entire family to enjoy whilst the ‘rule of six’ restrictions are still in place…

Build An Insect House

So, by now we all know the importance of looking after our little beasties in the garden. One way to aid our local wildlife is to build them their own little ‘house’ within the garden. Just by using scraps of wood, twigs, pinecones, bamboo stakes and bark, you can provide hundreds, if not thousands, of cosy nesting places for your local bees, butterflies, and ladybirds. You can even finish it off by creating a ‘wild garden’ using wildflower seed packets – the creative possibilities are endless!

We think even adults will find this activity satisfying… Plus this is something you can revisit time and time again to observe how the wildlife will use your creation.

  1. Choose materials and size of the house – Forage from the garden – leaves, wood chippings, bark, old logs, bamboo canes and terracotta pots.
  2. Start by building the ‘main frame’ with some wood, non-toxic wood glue or nails. and Placing the frame flat onto the ground. Nail or glue together.
  3. Alternatively, create a ground-based hotel by simply leaving it in situ.
  4. We would advise then adding wire or mesh to the ‘back’ to hold in the stuffing, perhaps even closing it off with wire completely after filling! Then simply get busy filling in the spaces! We advise using a range of sized materials and textures to encourage a variety of wildlife.

Don’t forget to build a roof! – Even bugs hate getting wet.

Building A Natural Tipi

This one is certainly designed for anyone with green fingers and a creative mind! By using just natural items such as bamboo stakes, string or twine and some runner bean seeds or climbing flowers you can create a natural ‘tipi’. This shelter is not only cost-effective and eco-friendly, but it is somewhere for the kids to play during the warmer spring and summer days. Once fully established, you can also stylize it with fairy lights, lanterns, a comfy rug, and some cosy blankets for cooler evenings.

  1. All you need is some runner bean seeds, compost, twine/string, bamboo or wooden poles, and some strongly scented climbing flower seeds! Oh – and some patience!
  2. First, determine size and location – hopefully somewhere sunny.
  3. Mark the tepee ‘footprint’ with string.
  4. Then amend the soil ready for planting, adding nutrients into the mix.
  5. When you are ready, pop the tepee poles in place and tie the top ends together so they stand by themselves. Then tie your way down the poles to create a sturdy ‘web’. Remember to keep a doorway in mind!
  6. Finally, plant your seeds, cover, water and wait!

Keep checking on the growth; redirecting or supporting the plants as they grow!

DIY Bird Treat Creations

The choir of the birds chirping away in the morning is a true sign the seasons are changing. Creating your own birdseed creations with your kids is a fun way to help your local birds thrive throughout spring whilst keeping your kids occupied! Who doesn’t love saving a few pennies AND keeping your kids busy?…
All you need is five simple ingredients – stale or slightly toasted bread, peanut butter, birdseed, cookie cutters and pipe cleaners or ribbon. And remember, this DIY is designed for kids in mind!

  1. Begin by cutting out the middle of the bread with a cookie cutter.
  2. Pop a pipe cleaner through where you want the bird feeder to hang from, making sure to twist the ends together. Alternatively, you can also use string or some funky ribbon, string, or shoelaces!
  3. Then, spread the peanut butter over the shape.
  4. Dip the bread into some birdseed.

And voila! It really is as easy as that! You can encourage the use of plastic tools for greater creative thought, allowing them to create their own shapes and character silhouettes.

Building A Fairy Or Dinosaur Land

During this strange time, spending time outside is important for our mental and physical health. Using the time spent outside to help design and build your child’s very own fairy or dinosaur house will encourage their love for nature whilst keeping their creative minds active. With just some gathered items such as terracotta pots, pebbles, stones, wood, moss, and flowers, you can help them create their very own dreamland – in miniature form of course. The best part is, is it is completely free- or at least it can be! We suggest helping them visualize their creations with some crayons and paper beforehand.

  1. A container to house their creation. An old plant pot, tire, or even just on an area out of harm's way.
  2. Just like a regular house, begin with a ‘base’. We suggest pebbles, moss or just some soil! We love the idea of ‘paths’ made with pebbles.
  3. If they want a fairy house, we suggest using a terracotta pot with a drawn-on door. You can also buy cheap fairy houses online.
  4. Add the foliage and greenery! Let them get creative – pluck some wild-grown flowers or foliage. Just be careful the plants are not dangerous. We would advise choosing rooted greenery, so the land continues to evolve.
  5. Add accessories – by adding some small logs and a picket fence made from lollipop sticks you can transform the look! For Dino land, we suggest making a ‘pond’ with an old shallow bowl.
  6. Add your characters – using existing toys let them bring their lands to life.

Easter Egg Hunt

An Easter classic and one that never disappoints! You know the drill… Hide some eggs around the garden (or the house if the weather doesn’t permit) and hold a competition to see who can find the most. You can make the egg hunt more challenging by adding clues!
Image not our own.

Following this guide, we hope you can inspire your kid's creative minds and their love for nature.

We will be releasing a new post every fortnight or so, so make sure to follow our blog!

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