Treatments for Teak Furniture

To treat or not to treat? Treatments for Teak Furniture …

Teak furniture is, quite simply, the best.

This is a well-known fact.

There is nothing like the look and feel of a brand new hand crafted teak dining set or bench with that beautiful honey-coloured lustre and smoothed appeal.

However, as with any timber, over time the teak will age and assume that silver-grey patina as the natural oils are exposed on the surface of the grain.

Our customers often ask us whether or not to use one of the various treatments for teak furniture or not.

And to be honest this is entirely down to personal preference – the only thing we would advise against is the use of Teak Oil as this is very hard to remove and can ruin the timber by promoting black spots as opposed to adding benefit.

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Award Winning Event Stands

Award Winning Event Stands – our secrets revealed …

Until around three years ago we didn’t do Event Stands.

We didn’t think we needed to – our ecommerce business was flying high with page one Google results and we were super busy.

However, as any ecommerce retailer will know, the infamous Google updates changed the nature of ecommerce forever a few years ago and the clever businesses realised pretty quick that, in most cases, 100% internet sales is not a safe way to conduct a retail business.

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Unusual Benches from around the world

Not Just a Bunch a Benches …

Benches have been around for years and, largely they can go unnoticed.

Today there are endless designs and sizes – all you have to do is take a look at our range of garden benches to see this for yourself.

However, there are certain benches out there that stand out and catch the eye due to their flamboyant, and sometimes downright ridiculous, designs.

We’ve rounded up some of the more unusual designs we’ve come across in our travels but first we’re going to offer a few of the more unusual insights into the history of the bench.

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