From under the Bambrella at Idle Rocks

Bambrella looks good on Idle Rocks …

We are lucky enough to have supplied to many historical, picturesque and generally quite famous places in over 20 years of trading. And perhaps one of the most idyllic of these is The Idle Rocks at St Mawes on Cornwall’s Roseland Peninsula where we supplied a bulk order of Bambrella Parasols for the dining area overlooking the picturesque harbour.

What are The Idle Rocks?

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Take a stroll in a summer garden.


At this time of year we should all be making the most of the beautiful weather we’re experiencing. There’s a heatwave on the way this weekend, so stock up on the sun block and take a walk through some of the pretty summer gardens the UK has to offer.

Close to our heart is number 1

The Stratford –Upon-Avon Home & Garden Show
Set in Alscot Park Warwickshire, this show will get your sense tingling. You’ll find beautiful items for the home and garden along with crafts and gifts set in a huge marquee complex. There’s a live demonstration theatre along with specialist nurseries and outdoor plant displays. Its food and drink galore with quaint tearooms and cake and pastry stands making this day a memorable experience for you and the family

Coombe Abbey Country Park
Nestled in this country park is a beautiful house (now a hotel) surrounded by a stunning lake and garden. The lake is host to swans and lots of ducks that are always looking to be fed by visitors. The park is free to walk around and has a number of play areas and ice cream vans dotted about the place along with a café. If you’re looking for a romantic day the tea rooms at this abbey are absolutely beautiful and they serve a scrumptious high tea.

Coombe Abbey House Located in Coventry West Midlands

Lakes Surrounding the beautiful Manor house.

Biddulph Grange Garden

This beautiful Victorian garden takes you on a journey around the world in one day. From Italy to the pyramids of Egypt right through to China.  James Bateman created this garden for his collection of plants from around the globe.  You can enjoy walks through Victorian themed china, over a beautiful bridge and in late summer a stunning dahlia walk is a great attraction to the garden. The tea room sells lovely local food and there’s a gift shop for you to purchase something to remember your day out.

Chinese influenced bridge at Biddulph Grange


Witley Court and Gardens

The remains of a 19th century mansion surrounded by huge landscaped gardens and stone formations makes for a fantastic day out in Worchester. This garden is home to a magnificent water fountain which represents Perseus and Andromeda. You can enjoy beautiful woodland walks and discover many different trees and shrubs from all around the world.  Children can have a blast in the new wilderness play area which includes a treehouse and an adventure trail. Relax in the beautiful teashop in Great Witley Church which is attached to the court.


Kenilworth Castle and Elizabethan Gardens
Spend the day exploring the ruins of an Elizabethan castle built to impress Queen Elizabeth I by her great love Robert Dudley. The castle offers a complimentary audio tour so you can learn all about the history of it whilst tracing the steps of the Queen herself. The Elizabethan garden has been recreated and is open once again for you to explore and wonder through, make sure you stop to admire the beautiful marble fountain. The Castle has a Knights and Princesses event where you can watch your children transform themselves into lords and ladies. There’s a lovely tearoom with lots of food on sale and a wonderful designated picnic area

Historical Elizabethan Castle


These are just a few of the amazing gardens you can visit this summer for an unforgettable day out, make sure you make the most of the sunshine!



The Quiet Mark Treehouse and Garden by John Lewis

Sound is becoming an increasing factor in decision making when it comes to which technology you use in your home. Household noise complaints have quickly risen in the UK over the last 20 years. Exposure to loud or low continuous vibrations can trigger both physical and emotion responses harming human health, so you can see why it is time to make a change.

We’re lucky enough to be right next to Stand E165 at RHS Hampton Court this year, which is home to The amazing Quiet Mark Treehouse and Garden by John Lewis.

The treehouse is open for visitors to explore and has attracted a lot of attention. It has been specially developed to give people an insight into the quieter style of living.

Making  A Change

Since it was founded in 1959 The Noise Abatement Society has devoted itself to finding practical and sustainable solutions to noise issues. They often work in partnerships with the Government, industries and with the public to find these solutions.

The Quiet Mark

Quiet Mark is an international stamp of approval which is awarded by the Noise Abatement society to the quietest technology across more than 30 categories of products.

John lewis have team up with Quiet Mark to introduce the Quiet Mark Award Logo, highlighting the next generation of low noise high quality technology to bring peace and quiet to our homes.

The Quiet Mark Treehouse

Commissioned by Quiet Mark, Blue Forest Luxury Treehouse Builders built this amazing 9m tall 6m wide and 10m long structure. Everyone dreams of a quiet escape from the stresses and strains of everyday life and this treehouse gives people the chance to experience what it would be like to be free of noise.

Made from Kebony wood the tree home has three trunks that merge in the dome roof. It has been insulated using several layers of insulating technology which include Rockwool and Acoustiblok lining to absorb noise.

The inside of the treehouse is host to a number of appliances we encounter every day, only they are much quieter. Visitors are invited to explore the tree house and the beautiful garden designed by David Domoney it is nestled in. The Quiet garden accompanying the house is intended to attract wildlife and the public can learn how they can encourage wildlife into their own gardens.

Domoney has opted to use Meadow turf for the garden. Meadow grass offers great coverage to the soil. It’s a combination of natural wild grass and wildflowers which is incredibly attractive to bee’s in particular. This type of lawn requires less maintenance it eliminates the need to use a loud mower every weekend, keeping noise to a minimal.

A variety of trees have been used to surround the garden which will act as natural sound barriers and absorb unwanted noise with their thick trunks.

Breedon Gravel makes up the path, which has a much lower noise level than traditional gravel when walked on. To achieve a reduced noise level the gravel has been embedded into the ground by cleverly applying a vibrating plate onto the surface of the gravel

If you’re attending the show and have not looked at this feature yet we would highly recommend taking the time to venture over to the stand and give it a good amount of attention.

After the show the Quiet Treehouse is being donated to the Children’s hospice in Sussex, so it really is a once in a lifetime chance to view it.

Check out the pictures we got of it below. 

The Quiet Mark Treehouse in partnership with Quietmark and John Lewis

Treehouse Again The Quiet Mark Treehouse, pioneered by and in partnership with John Lewis

Lest We Forget – A Garden Memorial

The poppy which marks rememberance day for those who lost their lives in ww1



Lest We Forget

God of our fathers, known of old—
Lord of our far-flung battle line—
Beneath whose awful hand we hold

Dominion over palm and pine—
Lord God of Hosts, be with us yet,

August 4th 2014 will mark the 100th anniversary of the beginning of World War 1

The Great war started in 1914 and came to an end in 1918 claiming over 16 million lives. Of these lives an estimated 704,803 were British soldiers.

To mark the anniversary; Events, commemorative ceremonies and research projects will be taking place over the next four years to honour and celebrate the lives of those who fought for us and for our country.

Why should we remember?

You may wonder why we should remember, when so much misery and pain were inflicted and so many suffered or lost their lives, but it is not that which we should remember..
We should remember the courage of those persevering in the face of adversity and standing up for what they believed to be right. In remembering, we can keep the memory of them and their sacrifices alive, as they deserve.

A Tribute At RHS Hampton Court

This week we’ve been at the RHS Hampton Court Show and we spotted an amazing garden that has been designed to remember the generation that fought in the war as there are now no living survivors from that time.
Below are some of the snaps we got of the stand.

Lest we forget - The Garden furniture centreTank at RHS Hampton court for Lest we Forget Memorial


Paying tribute to ww1 soildiers with garden designs Inside the trenches in the lest we forget garden design


Paying tribute to all those who servied in ww1 from nurses to soldiersAgain, tribute is paid to all those who served in  The Great War


Remember those who lost their lives with this fantastic ww1 garden design


Isn’t it fantastic? What a wonderful way to remember those who lost their lives. We’d love for you to share any memorials you come across with us, either below or on our facebook/twitter pages.

Pro Golfer Tweets Garden Furniture to millions

Pro Golfer Tweets Garden Furniture to millions …

Well known Pro Golfer Ian Poulter recently bought furniture from our Arizona and Feri Ranges of Outdoor Rattan Garden Furniture and then Tweeted his appreciation for the fact that we arranged express delivery for him within a couple of days after the order to his Twitter following of 1.68 million people.

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