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Inspiration for your Garden

Six Inspirational Garden Sites for 2015 and beyond …

Before we know it the garden will be looming large again, calling out to us for a bit of love and care after the winter period and some fresh inspiration for the oncoming summer season.

So we thought we’d get in early and give you a site round up of six inspirational garden sites for advice, information and plantings for your garden in 2015.

Inspirational Garden Sites from the experts in 2015 …

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Top Dressing a Lawn

How to Use Top Dressing to Fill Out Your Yard …

Topdressing a lawn is the method of incorporating a fine layer of organic-quality soil to the surface of the lawn. Topdressing adds to the overall quality of the grass as well as helping the soil over time. For example, topdressing clay soils helps them drain better and enhance their root development, while sandy soils can better retain moisture so that the lawn will be more resilient to drought.

Another key advantage of topdressing a lawn is that it greatly helps even out the bumps and lumps that exist in an unleveled yard by filling in the tiny hollows that can potentially develop. Also, topdressing stimulates the roots of the grass in order to generate new shoots and therefore results in thicker grass helping defend against the onset of moss and weed infestation.

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Christmas Tree Tea

Christmas Tree Tea – have you tried it?


We hadn’t either up until a few weeks ago, when, after buying our yearly range of Christmas Trees we decided to do a bit of research into the less well known facts about these tree’s and their origins.

And we were surprised to hear that many people turn the needles into tea – largely for their high Vitamin C and Vitamin A content, believe it or not.

Apparently a cup of Christmas Tree Tea has the equivalent Vitamin C of about half a dozen lemons.

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Christmas tree facts

Christmas Trees – the nerdy facts to bore guests with …

Everyone’s familiar with the good old Christmas tree, but did you know that the needles of some trees are edible and offer great source of Vitamin C?


We didn’t either and this got us digging around the net looking for other unusual little facts about them.

As a bit of fun, light reading we’ve got together a few of the more interesting less well-known facts for you below.

The Christmas trees needles contain loads of Vitamin C

Christmas trees – some less well known facts?

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Green Hero's make Grand Recycled Designs

Recycled Designs – a hit with Kevin McCloud’s Green Hero’s

Each year at Grand Designs Live Kevin McCloud hand picks his Green Heroes. This is a group of his favourite stand-out recycled designs on offer at the event.

This year at the NEC in Birmingham, (9th – 13th October), we had the pleasure of having a Trade Stand at the event and were very impressed with his selection of Green Heroes.

It is a fact that we have to become more eco-friendly with our buying habits in this modern age.

As a retailer we actively endorse this through our range of, FSC Accredited products and responsibly manufactured outdoor rattan furniture which can all be classified under the umbrella term Eco Furniture.

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