Christmas Tree Tea

Christmas Tree Tea – have you tried it?


We hadn’t either up until a few weeks ago, when, after buying our yearly range of Christmas Trees we decided to do a bit of research into the less well known facts about these tree’s and their origins.

And we were surprised to hear that many people turn the needles into tea – largely for their high Vitamin C and Vitamin A content, believe it or not.

Apparently a cup of Christmas Tree Tea has the equivalent Vitamin C of about half a dozen lemons.

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Christmas tree facts

Christmas Trees – the nerdy facts to bore guests with …

Everyone’s familiar with the good old Christmas tree, but did you know that the needles of some trees are edible and offer great source of Vitamin C?


We didn’t either and this got us digging around the net looking for other unusual little facts about them.

As a bit of fun, light reading we’ve got together a few of the more interesting less well-known facts for you below.

The Christmas trees needles contain loads of Vitamin C

Christmas trees – some less well known facts?

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Green Hero's make Grand Recycled Designs

Recycled Designs – a hit with Kevin McCloud’s Green Hero’s

Each year at Grand Designs Live Kevin McCloud hand picks his Green Heroes. This is a group of his favourite stand-out recycled designs on offer at the event.

This year at the NEC in Birmingham, (9th – 13th October), we had the pleasure of having a Trade Stand at the event and were very impressed with his selection of Green Heroes.

It is a fact that we have to become more eco-friendly with our buying habits in this modern age.

As a retailer we actively endorse this through our range of, FSC Accredited products and responsibly manufactured outdoor rattan furniture which can all be classified under the umbrella term Eco Furniture.

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Furniture for Outdoor Entertainment

All round outdoor entertainment from Domus Ventures …

Let’s face it, outdoor entertainment is a big part of life, particularly when the weather’s fine and spirits are high.

And with staying in increasingly becoming the new going out many of us are increasingly choosing to entertain with friends and family at home.

Inevitably this means that, to do this properly, we need the tools to do the job preferably without having to do too much shopping around.

So, as a retailer of outdoor furniture it’s our job to provide you with this.

And that’s where Domus Ventures come in.

Outdoor Entertainment from Domus Ventures

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The Band Stand

Lately we’ve took quite the liking to garden bandstands, also known as rotundas. We’ve seen a few cropping up here and there decorated beautifully with climbing plants, they’re a lovely edition to gardens and give you a shaded area to sit and enjoy the weather.

That being said we wanted to look at the history behind these structures, so we’ve spent a bit of time researching it.

During the industrial revolution there was a need for more green open spaces for the public to appreciate and as an attempt to improve the etiquette and manners of the lower class. With this the first band stands were built in the Royal Horticultural Society gardens, south Kensington in 1861. Towards the end of the 19th century, bandstands were seen as a must have.

Many of the band stands throughout the UK made an appearance in the Victorian era. At the same time, the British brass band movement was gaining popularity. They were built in parks and on piers as a focal point for bands that were performing. Band stands were a way of brining crowds together to enjoy music in each others presence.

In the 40’s and 50’s the rise in popularity in the cinema and television meant that that public parks lost their appeal. As time went on, and between 1979 and 2001 bandstands were demolished, vandalised or dilapidated

A Victorian bandstand In Eastleigh Hampshire, Copyright to Marek69

A Victorian bandstand In Eastleigh Hampshire, Copyright to Marek69

In more recent years, a significant amount of money has been funded to restore some of the bandstands across the UK

What influence have they had on our gardens today?

You may notice that gazebos mimic the shape and structure of band stands. Gazebos are an incredibly popular product of choice for garden gatherings, enjoying barbeques and gatherings under them.

As well as this, miniature bandstand constructions have been added to gardens, to provide sheltered and shaded seating areas. Some are used for climbing plants to make their way up and create a beautiful display

These structures have the knack of bringing people together, just like the Victorian Band Stands did, whether to appreciate music or just to sit with family and friends these structures have had a bigger effect on our gardens than you may have originally thought.


image by <a href="" target="_blank"> - silvervoyager</a>

A band stand used in a garden,