European Deliveries at The Garden Furniture Centre

European Deliveries at The Garden Furniture Centre …

European deliveries are a becoming a more regular feature of The Garden Furniture Centres delivery profile. The reputation for quality, individuality and affordability across our huge range indoor and outdoor furniture is leading to an increase in the regularity of European deliveries.

This is great news as it also shows that our furniture has universal appeal.

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Five must do gardening jobs for the springtime

Must do gardening jobs for Spring …

Five important spring gardening jobs …

Spring is the season to catch up on those all-important gardening jobs. Getting prepared is crucial if you want to have an eye-catching and healthy garden – not just over the summer months, but all year round as well.

So we’ve put together a list of five crucial gardening jobs to be performed in the springtime that will make your garden life easier and more efficient moving into the summer months.

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The Hallmark of Quality Teak Furniture

Quality Teak Furniture – Are you buying from the best retailers?

What are the Hallmarks of Quality Teak Furniture?

There are many different retailers selling what they call quality teak furniture today. So if you’re in the market to buy this how do you know you’re buying from the best? Do you just take their word for it, or are there certain checks you can make?

The answer is, ‘yes,’ there are certain checks you can make, and ‘no,’ you should not just take a retailers word for it.

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