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Eco Furniture for Sale


We have to start using the world’s finite resources more wisely.

This is particularly true when it comes to retail and consumer choices in the Western World.

We’ve invested heavily in our range of Eco Furniture from various different sources around the world and this allows us to offer you the choice to support the, ‘eco-friendly drive,’ and contribute positively to the environment.

Eco-friendly does not mean inferior.

There does seem to be a common misconception that eco furniture is in some way inferior.

This is not the case.

Click the button below to take a look through our catalogue, which is packed full of eco furniture in all shapes and sizes.

Eco Friendly Furniture

Eco-Plastic Benches:

Curved backless eco bench Moulded to look just like wood

Great for Schools and Public Areas – in fact, we recently made a delivery to the Royal Ballet School in London …

Moulded from recycled plastic and finished to look just like real wood they are available in a variety of different styles, from Curved Backless Benches to Full Picnic Sets.

 The designs have a very contemporary feel to them and are very popular with commercial buyers from Schools and Public Amenities.

And they will last for years with a virtually bomb-proof construction and a composition that is quite simply not affected by the elements whatever the time of year.

FSC Certified Furniture:

FSC Certified Lutyens Benches Keep Calm and Sit Down engraved bench

We have many FSC Certified Products in our range from Garden Benches, Picnic Tables and Swing Seats to Parasols and Teak Dining Sets.

The fact that they are FSC Certified gives you the guarantee that they have a quality construction from raw materials that are sourced responsibly.

Reclaimed Teak:

Reclaimed Teak makes great eco furniture The Flintstones Bench Set

Totally unique to you with a beautiful, rustically antique feel …

We have one of the largest collections of reclaimed teak on the internet today in a massive variety of styles from Benches made from old Ox-Carts and Railway Sleepers to full Dining Sets made reclaimed fence posts.

The reclaimed option offers eco furniture in a very rustic, antique style.

Seeing is believing …

Eco Friendly Furniture

The fact that the teak is not harvested directly from the forest directly reduces deforestation overseas and provides a reliable income for local village people.

Eco-Friendly Garden Ornaments:

Recycled Metal Ornaments are hand welded Bruce The Bull Drinks Cooler ready for export

Totally eye-catching and unique but with a practical purpose in mind …


Mango Hardwood Ornaments Eye catching Eco Furniture

These ornaments fall into two different categories – those made from recycled shipping drums and those hand-carved from mango hardwood it the end of its useful fruit bearing existence.

Some are simply decorative and based around characterised animal figures like Roger The Rooster and The Three Blind Mice while others serve a purpose like the Two Turn Tables and Kool Kombi Cooler.

Take a look for yourself you won’t be disappointed.

For further assistance with our range of Eco Furniture please call our friendly Sales Team in the Midlands. 

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