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Adirondack Chair Set Zoom

Adirondack Chair Set

SKU: KT059

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Product Description


    Adirondack Chair Set ...

    Fully Assembled

    Teak Oil – Just Say NO

    Bench Anchor Kits

    Weather Cover

    The Adirondack Chair design originated in the mountains of the same name

    An Infamous Garden Chair Design …

    A hugely popular and famous design with a fascinating history …

    The design of the Adirondack Chair came about by chance as opposed to planning really. And as with all famous designs there is some controversy involved.

    In 1903 a guy called Thomas Lee designed an outdoor chair for him and his family to use at their Summer Home in the Adirondack Mountains.

    His design was simple, yet comfortable and geared around suitability for outdoor use during vacation periods in the mountains.

    This was the first incarnation of this famous design that’s documented …

    Although Lee called it The Westport Plank Chair he subsequently gave the design to his friend Harry C. Bunnell in 1905 with the intention of letting him sell the chair in his Westport Shop on the basis that it was specifically made for outdoor use and therefore perfect for the mountain landscape of the Adirondacks.

    However, Bunnell patented the design behind Lee’s back and manufactured it for commercial sales as opposed to private.

    And this is the hugely popular Adirondack Design that you see in our catalogue today.

    In fact, it’s that famous as a design that the term, Adirondacking, has been coined around it in the USA today and in Canada the design has its own name again where it’s known as the Muskoka Chair.

    In the true spirit of the designs intention for outdoor use our is made of A Grade Teak Wood …

    Teak is widely known to be the best timber for use in outdoor furniture due to its dense, oily characteristics and natural resistance to the elements.

    It is also easily workable which allows us to hand-craft the superb take on this famous design that you see pictured.

    Furthermore, our crafts-people use mortice and tenon joints that are reinforced with teak dowels for the ultimate in long lasting quality. The product also comes fully assembled on delivery.

    We also add a Teak Ottoman so you get an Adirondack Chair Lounger that’s superbly comfortable and looks great – we bet Bennell and Lee wish they’d thought of that!

    For further help with your purchase please call our friendly Sales Team.

    Adirondack chair dimensions:
    Height: 96cm
    Width: 80cm
    Length: 92cm

    Adirondack ottoman dimensions:
    Height: 35cm
    Depth: 50cm
    Length: 77cm

Product's Review
    1. amazing chairs Review by Ekomi Customer: 100006292

      amazing chairs - positioned at the end of the garden for sundowners - perfect (Posted on 25/03/2016)

    2. satisfied Review by racheal

      purchased 2 chairs and delivered within the week, now have a lovely pair of loungers on my deck (Posted on 04/11/2013)

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