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The Patio Heater That Helps You Party …

The Patio Heater that helps you Party …

The Athena Plus LED Patio Heater is finally here – and it’s awesome.

The Athena Plus, with its instantly recognisable, and highly contemporary, design with mesmerising, gas-fired flame can now be seen in many commercial and domestic settings across the UK.

And it’s now available with flashing LED panels round the base to get your outdoor party atmosphere started with a bang …

A Patio Heater with Disco Lights – How novel is that?

Take a look at the video below to see it in action now.

Our manufacturers have gone to town on this one giving you a host of remote control options.

The panels flash in 4 different ways:-

  1. STROBE.
  2. FADE.
  3. SMOOTH.
  4. FLASH.

And there’s up to 12 variations of LED colours based on 4 base colours – white, blue, green and red.

The Patio Heater that helps you Party

Allowing you to create the perfect ambience to fit the mood and requirements of the occasion every single time.

A Disco Heater made to the same quality specifications as the original Patio Heater …

All the specifications of the original Athena remain the same the only change is that the flashing panels are now made from misted plastic to facilitate the various LED colours and effects.

To refresh your memory the spec. includes:-

  • Anti-tilt: safety cut off mechanism.
  • Valve: low output to high output with pilot.
  • Battery Ignition Middle Board: stainless steel.
  • Control Box: black powder coated.
  • Base Board: stainless steel.
  • Support Post: aluminium.
  • Upper Board: stainless steel.
  • U Vision Board: Toughened Plastic.
  • Wire Heat Guard: chrome plated.
  • Wheels: for ease of movement.
  • Fuel: Propane or LPG Gas.
  • AA Batteries Needed: These are not provided.

Need we say anymore?


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