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How to Choose A Real Christmas Tree

Choosing A Christmas TreeThis post is going to be a really quick one – and I know it’s a little early – but Christmas isn’t that far away. Christmas time means different things to different people and there are certain traditions that just can’t be ignored.

Nothing Beats a Real Christmas Tree – Don’t You Agree?

I know they can be quite expensive, depending on whether it drops needles or not, but there’s something magical about a real Christmas tree. I get one every year and there are certain things to look out for when choosing yours this year.

There are certain practicalities like price, size, shade of green, with or without roots and more besides.

Here’s a great article that covers what to look out for when choosing your next Christmas tree >>

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  1. i couldn’t agree more – you just can’t beat a real xmas tree because it would not be the same without one. £60 for a 5ft one is bit much so i need to keep hunting. like the blog btw

  2. I’m with you here too. Nothing beats the real thing. I love coming home in the winter to the smell of my tree, makes me want to cook up some mulled wine. They are getting a bit expensive these days though, probably worth shopping around.

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