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Welcoming Our Home-Grown Hemlock Picnic Table

Picnic tables at the garden furniture centre

Welcoming Our Home-Grown Hemlock Picnic Table!

At the Garden Furniture Centre, we are always passionate about locally sourced products to ensure that we can keep our surrounding community close to the heart. Our latest project is one that is extremely close to the GFC family and will certainly play a big part in the future for our business. With this is mind, we are welcoming a new range of picnic tables manufactured out of Western Hemlock wood which is sourced and manufactured in our woodland on the family farm! Partnered with the brilliant skills of Coppice Creation, these picnic tables are a unique and sustainable design for our extensive garden furniture collection!

Coppice Creations

This locally run family business is one of the last remaining places that use the method of coppicing to create the most magnificent designs! All their products are carefully crafted on their site within the Wyre Forest area which allows the sourcing of the wood to be extremely sustainable and safe for the surrounding woodland.











The Wyre Forest area is the largest woodland National Nature Reserve in England meaning that it is nationally protected to preserve wildlife, habitats, orchards, and valleys! Notably, this area is known for being a popular hunting spot around 900 years ago, which makes this forest rich in history.

With these unique coppicing methods used by Coppice Creations for over 45 years, this ultimately protects and shelters not just the wildlife and species within the forest, but also the history that is embedded within the area.

What is Western Hemlock?

This tree was initially introduced to Britain in the mid-1800s and is now one of the most used woods in the UK today! Interestingly, Western Hemlock was a very important herb for female warriors in the Kwakwaka’wakw tribes at the turn of the century. They would use the wood and leaves to make head dresses to perform ceremonial dances for the community and tribe members.

These trees live for around 500 years with a dark, reddish-brown bark colour which looks magnificent as it begins to age. The wood is generally used for decking, building construction, flooring, and of course garden furniture!

Our Brand-New Hemlock Picnic Table

With all the amazing benefits and history of Western Hemlock, we thought this would be the perfect material to create our new range of picnic tables! Crafted on site at our own farm by Coppice Creations, these A-frame picnic tables are sustainably and locally sourced from start to finish to encase the deep, rich history of the forest and the community. Whether you are using this commercially or domestically, this unique table will comfortably seat 6 to 8 people for you to relax and unwind with friends and family in time for the hot summer season!


What makes this table so unique and special to us is its representation of locally sourced materials and businesses coming together to produce products to be enjoyed by everyone over the country, and the world!

Why not come to our showroom at Yew Tree Farm in Wootton Wawen to have a look at our new Western Hemlock picnic table as well as many other fantastic products we have on display!


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