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Simple Steps for Creating the Perfect Winter Hanging Basket

Here are some great tips for creating a simple winter hanging basket.

Tips and Plants Used for the Winter Hanging Basket

The materials you'll need to follow this winter planter is as follows:

Wrought iron basket with hanging chain
Old ceramic pot to aid filling the basket
Multi-purpose compost
Moisture control gel with plant food
Winter Cyclamen
Trailing winter ivy

Putting the Planter Together

Stand your basket on top of an old crock pot to make filling a little easier. Mix an appropriate amount of multi-purpose compost together with some moisture control plant food. Half fill the basket with some multi-purpose soil.

Once you've placed your plants to your liking start to back-fill with your compost leaving at least an inch from the top. This will ensure that when you water the plant the moisture won't run straight off.

Finally place the finished basket underneath the eves of your house to protect it from wind, rain and frost. Water 2 - 3 times per week and feed every 7 - 10 days.


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