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Recycled Plastic Picnic Bench Tables – The Smart Choice for Any Garden

It is common knowledge nowadays that we must all do our part to help the environment. The environmental message to reduce, reuse and recycle is being drummed into all of us on almost a daily basis.

So how can you save the planet, reduce your efforts and socialise all at the same time? Simple…

Why Choose a Recylcled Picnic Bench Table?

It’s not a matter of multi-tasking you will be pleased to hear, merely a smart choice of outdoor furniture. Just look at the on-going popularity of our Eco-friendly, recycled picnic tables.

Not only are these picnic benches environmentally friendly, made from recycled plastic, fully recyclable and an excellent alternative to wood, they are also attractive, durable and need none of the annual maintenance that a wooden picnic table or bench might need.

Although made of plastic, these picnic tables have the beautiful, grained appearance of wood and come with steel reinforcements in order to ensure durability.  However, unlike wooden picnic tables, this recycled material has many assets that you should consider.

Eco-Friendly A Framed Plastic Picnic Bench Table

Recycled Picnic Bench Table highlights:

Will not fade or perish so needs no staining or varnishing.

Can tolerate damp and cold conditions as well as dry, hot weather, so will not rot or split.

Is very easy to keep clean from a hygiene point of view

Vandal resistant – paint and marker pen can be easily removed with thinners; difficult to burn and extremely difficult to move.

Durable solid material which is chip, crack and splinter proof and will withstand heavy use and repel water and insects.

Ideal for public places with a high level of use such as parks, play areas, school playgrounds and pub gardens.

Eco-friendly Picnic Bench Table

Durable A Framed Plastic Picnic Bench Table

The beautiful wood effect A-Frame picnic tables are available in two sizes: the 1.5 metre and 1.8 metre, depending on your needs. They are truly environmentally friendly, sustainable and recyclable.

Now you can enjoy your picnic and feel rest assured that you are sustaining forests, eliminating landfill waste and ultimately lowering your carbon footprint.

The choice is simple; a recycled plastic picnic bench table looks great, does the job well and lasts for years. All without ever having to put on your overalls or getting the paintbrush and varnish tin out. Go on… Feel smug and eat your quiche!


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