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Pub Furniture For All – Contemporary, Modern Or Rustic?

Pub Furniture for all – Contemporary, Modern or Rustic?

Pub Furniture, when thought about, can really enhance the look and ambience of an establishment both indoors and out.

We regularly supply furniture to commercial establishments, including many public houses of all shapes and sizes.

The broad diversity of furniture we offer puts us in a great position, firstly, to cater for a commercial buyers needs all in one place meaning they don’t have to place multiple orders with different retailers.

And, secondly, it puts us in a good position to offer well-timed and pertinent advice around the details of any purchase to ensure all buying requirements are met and hopefully exceeded.

Calling all Publicans!

Calling all publicans

It’s difficult to classify one piece or style of furniture specifically as ‘pub furniture.’

Picnic Tables, for example, are very popular outside pubs but are equally as common in parks and public spaces.

Many gastro style pubs invest in woven rattan furniture to offer that luxury appeal to their clientele but this is just as common in hotels and coffee shops as well.

But then, that’s part of the appeal with pub style commercial furniture, there are no rules it’s all down to what suits the environment and the type of atmosphere the owners of any one establishment want to portray.

But, for the purposes of this blog, we’ll break things down into three broad categories.

Classic Pub Furniture …

Classic Pub Furniture
Classic Pub Furniture

This has to include things like the familiar A-Framed Picnic Table, High Bar Stools arranged around large wooden beer casks and along the bar area itself with awkward, high backed, all-inclusive seating.

Combine this with the vision of a smaller, more compact room, a tiled floor and antique pictures and decoration on the walls and you’ve got the classic old working man’s pub.

However, this is something that is more and more becoming a thing of the past.

The modern – or gastro – style …

This newer style is still finding its feet really and preferences seem to change and evolve all the time as new ideas and arrangements are tried in an attempt to offer that unique look and feel that will attract the punters.

However, the pub furniture in these establishments does tend to have certain things that can be considered common traits.

The designs tend to be highly contemporary and use modern materials like lightweight aluminium frames combined with synthetic fibres and toughened glass tops – this is probably a practical as well as an aesthetic choice.

Recycled Picnic Tables moulded to look like wood are also fast becoming a very popular choice for pubs in the modern age.

And Bistro style furniture is now being reinvented with contemporary, modern takes on classic bistro designs.

The accessories are increasingly all important now as well – particularly where the pub has an outdoor space that can house modern styles of patio heater – the mesmerising Athena Gas Heater is a hugely popular choice with our commercial customers, for instance.

Gazebos and Parasols are also now a more considered choice for outdoor areas to complement and enhance the feel of the pub furniture itself.

The contemporary Four Seasons Gazebo offers shelter all year round for instance and the Turino Wall Parasol compliments smaller roof top bars and eateries.

Modern and Rustic Pub Furniture combined
Modern and Rustic Pub Furniture combined

That Re-emerging Rustic Style …

Many people believe that rustic pub furniture is fast becoming a substitute for the classic style talked of earlier.

Again, like anything in the modern world, this comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes – our range of rustic oak benches and picnic sets are great example of this.

This also allows publicans and the like to buy modern furniture that is well-suited to the wealth of older pubs and restaurants that are now re-developed internally for modern commercial purposes meaning that modern, contemporary designs look out of place.

We have also seen a huge rise in the popularity of our Reclaimed Teak Furniture made from ox-carts, railway sleepers and canoes that have come to the end of their useful working life overseas in places like Thailand.

These offer a truly rustic – bordering on antique – style of pub furniture that is not only practical but also a real talking point for the paying public to dwell on whilst enjoying a pint or a sauvignon blanc!

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