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Garden Structures – plan now for 2018!

Garden structures can transform a garden in an instant while making the most of your outdoor space. The right garden structure can turn your garden into an additional room, an extension of your home.

But like any project around the home it is essential to get the planning right before you proceed as there are a number of factors to consider here.

How do you choose the right garden structure for your garden? What do you need to consider before buying a shed, gazebo, pagoda or log cabin? Here are some tips and advice on choosing the right garden building for your home.


Rule Out Restrictions …

Do you have neighbours? Are there any height restrictions you need to be aware of? Some garden structures may require planning permission from your local council and so it’s important to rule these out before making your choice.

Consider the Base …

Some garden structures such as a shed or a log cabin need a good solid base, such as concrete or slabs. You can also make a base out of wood to save money and time. Some structures require you to dig into the earth to secure the poles.

The structure you choose will depend on the type of base you can offer the structure. Usually, any problems can be worked around, such as the creation of a wooden base, or the use of a pick axe on concrete to create the depth needed to secure the frame.

Think of Its Use …


If you would like to work outside on a sunny day you may not need to go to the full expense of buying a garden office. You could happily find a dry spot with the shade of a gazebo and a bench and table.

If you’d like to work outside permanently you will need a log cabin or large shed to work from. If you would like a frame to grow flowers and arbour can provide a place to sit while giving Clematis and passionflowers space to grow.

If you’d like storage, consider cheap storage solutions for the garden before investing in an expensive shed. There are many benches and seating arrangements that offer storage today and these are ideal for the smaller garden.

Take Measurements …

So many people are foiled by online measurements. Pictures can make a product look smaller or larger than it actually is. A lot of people are disappointed when they find the garden structure they bought is either too small or doesn’t fit.

Measure the area you would like to fill and compare these to the measurements online, so you don’t receive any size surprises when you receive your new garden product.

How about one for all four seasons?

Well we can definitely help you with that.

Our Four Seasons Range of garden buildings, solarium's and gazebos is perfect for use all year round.

Made from a combination of polycarbonate panels and windows with tough aluminium frames they look highly contemporary and are completely functional whatever the time of year.



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