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An Easy Way To Create Your Own Insect Hotel

An Easy Way to Create Your Own Insect Hotel

As autumn arrives now is the time to help the good insects and bugs in your garden to find a home for the winter. By providing nesting and hibernation for your neighbourhood insects, you’ll be helping your garden as well.

The good guys of the garden like bees, lacewings and ladybirds all help to pollinate and keep the unwanted garden guests at bay. Friendly insects will prove invaluable by munching on the likes of blackfly and greenfly. What better way to help nature along than by creating your own hibernation habitat with the unique Neudorff Insect Hotel.

The Fun Insect Hotel from Neudorff …

You could always build your own insect house from old wood and leaves. However, if you don’t have the time, there’s a tailor made solution that children in particular will love. The Neudorff Insect Hotel gives you stylish way to encourage the friendly insects to take up residence in your garden; which is a good thing.

This stylish wooden insect home has all kinds of compartments and textures that are just perfect for friendly insects. The insect hotel contains hibernating help with special holes in the wood that are great for hibernation and breeding.

Highlights include:

– Helps your garden with pollination

– Assists controlling unwanted bugs

– Encourages hibernation & nesting

– Wood is free from timber preservatives

– Every hotel design is unique

The insect hotel is great for habitats in close proximity to plants and vegetation. Use it in a sunny place in small/large gardens, patio areas and balconies.


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