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Brand New Drinks Cooler Inspired By Airstream Caravans …

Brand New Drinks Cooler inspired by Airstream Caravans …

Our Old School Caravan Cooler looks great and is inspired by the famous Airstream Caravan design that came out of Ohio in the USA during the 1930’s.

This novelty drinks cooler reflects the Airstream design perfectly with shiny silver body work and domed roof.

It’s one of the latest additions to a range that includes other familiar designs like the Kool Kombi Cooler, (based on the VW Camper Van), and the Pick-Up Truck Cooler, (based on the classic pick-up truck design) and some not so familiar but steadily becoming equally iconic like Bruce The Bull Cooler.

Why a drinks cooler?

Why not?

Old School Caravan Drinks Cooler

It catches the eye, it’s novel and the design – on a miniature scale – lends itself to being re-invented as a drinks cooler on wheels that will get people talking at a party or family gathering.

And they tick all the right boxes with the latest trend of eco-friendly products that are taking the market by storm at present.

They’re hand made from recycled shipping drums and other metals that would otherwise be wasted, often in ways that are damaging to the environment.

And, they have the added benefit of being made by local village populations in Vietnam which gives them much needed and sustainable income.

The Airstream – a brief history …

The original concept was drawn up by William Hawley Bolus a well known designer, engineer and builder of aircraft and recreational vehicles in 1930’s and 40’s America.

He is perhaps best well known as being the Superintendent of Construction on Charles Lindbergh’s aircraft, The Spirit of St. Louis.

However, it was actually a trained lawyer, Wally Byam who took the design to a commercial market and started the popularity ball rolling.

Byam first introduced the ‘Airstream Clipper’ in 1936 and since then there have been a number of different makes and models.

Their popularity remains strong today with several different models still being produced for sale to both American and European markets.

Famous users …

In 1969 the crew of Apollo 11 were quarantined in a modified, airtight version of an Airstream until it could be determined that they hadn’t brought back any lunar pathogens from the trip to the moon.

Apollo 11 Mission

Apollo 11 crew in an airtight Airstream trailer

Airstream trailers are also used by the United States Air Force as part of their transportation of American officials around the world.

Airstream used by the US Air Force

The Cult of Airstream …

In the early 1950’s Wally Byam started leading groups of Airstream owners on travels around the world and this created a certain mystique around the trailers that lasts to this day.

In more recent times a community called the Airstreamers has developed with its members sharing a mutual love of the trailers.

There are also more than a dozen Airstream Parks throughout the United States today.

Who knows, perhaps the new drinks cooler will become a fad as a must have accessory with these cult followings.

Although, just for the record, the delivery charges to the USA would be more than the drinks cooler itself!

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