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Buy Reclaimed Teak Furniture from the Garden Furniture Centre.

"Among timber, teak holds the place which the diamond maintains with precious stones and gold among metals."

- Lord Monteray, 1892

Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture CentreWagon Wheel Bench from The Garden Furniture Centre.

There is no doubt that, for years now, Teak Wood has been recognised as being far superior in furniture-making as opposed to other types of wood.

The Garden Furniture Centre – Specialists in New Teak and Reclaimed Teak Furniture …

We have over 10 years experience in the supply of high quality, Grade A, Teak Garden Furniture sourced largely from Indonesia – the home of teak.

Grade A teak wood is superior because …

  • Its high natural oil content makes it weather-resistant meaning it can stand outside for years without succumbing to rot, water and sun damage, etc.

  • The grain of Grade A Teak is closer and more curvy giving it added strength and durability which makes for a longer lasting, higher quality piece of furniture.

  • It has a more uniform, ‘warm-honey,’ that lends it a superior feel compared to lower grades of teak.

Quality Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture Centre

What is Reclaimed Teak Garden Furniture and why is it so special?

Just as Grade A teak wood is the best for use in newly made furniture, reclaimed teak furniture is widely considered as the most superior type of sustainable furniture.

It can be highly sought after due to the fact that many pieces are bespoke and, built to order.

Fortunately, there are over 17,000 islands across Indonesia where teak was traditionally very widely used for house and boat building. In recent years a preference has developed for other building materials meaning that there is an abundance of reclaimed teak available.

Much of this is now made into quality reclaimed teak furniture by time served crafts-people for export. Our Majestic Day Bed, (below) is a fine example of this …

Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture CentreMajestic Day Bed from The Garden Furniture Centre.

What are the unique qualities of Reclaimed Teak Furniture?

Over time the qualities of untreated teak change – to the extent that many people prefer it to more freshly harvested varieties.

Plus, the reclaimed pieces have already been shaped and crafted in a previous life making the furniture they are reclaimed to make even more quirky and, in a way, mysterious.

This is because …

  • Left alone, teak garden furniture will steadily change from, ‘warm-honey,’ to the, ‘silver-grey,’ colour for which it is famed.

  • Reclaimed teak furniture retains its durable, oily qualities so you still get the same benefits that we outlined earlier with new teak.

  • With Reclaimed Teak Furniture you are doing your bit for the environment as well as buying a fantastic piece of furniture. Around 60,000,000 indigenous people and countless species of plants and animals rely on forests for life across the world so anything we can do to reduce de-forestation can only be of benefit.

Reclaimed Teak Furniture from The Garden Furniture CentreBali Bench Canoe.

Preserving history with Reclaimed Teak Furniture …

The reclaimed teak used in our furniture holds memories. It is a reminder of times gone by. All you have to do is look at the Majestic Day Bed above to realise that many of the individual pieces of reclaimed teak still hold reminders of their origins.

The ornate back panels look like they may have once been part of an ocean going vessel.

The front support still has notches engraved in it; a reminder of its original purpose.

The ornately carved sections a reminder of skilled crafts-people who may, by now, have passed away but this piece of furniture allows their memory to live on.

Authenticity is fundamental to a piece of Reclaimed Teak Furniture …


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