Bonsai Basics and for the Aspiring Gardener

Bonsai trees are simply fascinating. If you’ve ever been amazed at the growing marvel that is the bonsai there are some great gifts and kits available for the keen ‘minaiture’ gardener.

These tiny trees are grown for the beauty and satisfaction of both the gardener and the viewer and can create a feeling of calm. Follow a few basic care tips and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful plant.

Video – Bonsai Basics

This is a US video and it has some great tips on the basics of Bonsais.

Tips for Growing a Bonsai

There are three essential points to ensure your bonsai is growing happily:

1. Watering

2. Sunlight

3. Pruning

For more information on Bonsai growing and the history visit the Wikipedia website >>

If you’d like to look into Bonsai growing with a starter kit then here’s some additional information >>

For Bosai books to help get you started click here

December 10, 2012 Phil Aston Video Tips