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St Lucia

Massage Cushion

Massage Cushion

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Product Description


    Andy's The Cardio Shop Massage Cushion Review

    We spend far too much time sitting down these days. Either we are watching telly, working in front of a computer or looking at what the neighbours cat had for breakfast on Facebook. It is no wonder that one in three people suffer with back pain every year.

    There are so many parts to your back that it is difficult for doctors to say exactly what is causing the pain. The best thing to do is to move around more and do some exercise. Obviously we can’t be expected to be running around all the time, so what we need is something to help us whilst we are sitting down. This is where the Cardio Shop Vibrating Massage Cushion comes to the rescue.

    The back massage cushion is charged from a USB cable, so you can charge it from your computer/ from your car lighter or from the mains. When it is fully charged it will last for 6 hours. The cushion vibrates very gently, thus massaging the back. The more you press back on the cushion the more you feel the vibration.

    Use it at home, in the office or in the car. You can easily carry it with you wherever you go, and you can even use it in bed.

    This is the best massage cushion for relieving stress and improving blood circulation. A simple, small and effective way of easing back pain. Buy one for yourself or as a super present for someone else.

    The Cardio Shop Massage Cushion

    • 31cm x 31cm
    • Built in Mini Electronic Massager.
    • Re-chargeable. No need to keep plugged in when in use.
    • Charge from the USB connector supplied.
    • Charge from the mains, a car cigarette lighter or a computer.
    • Once charged it will work for 6 hours before it needs another charge.
    • Press the on/off button.
    • Lean against the cushion to start the vibration.
    • Light and compact, 31cm x 31cm, take it anywhere with you.
    • Use on a chair in in a bed.
    • The vibration increases as you press harder against it.
    • Helps improve blood circulation.
    • Great for relieving stress.
    • Use in the car, at home, at the theatre or in the office.


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