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St Lucia

Mgm After Care

Caring for your furniture ensures you keep it in the best possible condition. By following the steps below you can not only keep your furniture looking fresh and clean, but it will also make your furniture last longer.

Dust the furniture frames and vacuum the woven areas with a soft brush attachment.

To rejuvenate areas of rattan that are faded or scuffed apply a proprietary brand of stain or polish using a soft cloth.

Do not place any hot objects, such as coffee or tea pots directly onto the table surfaces.

To prolong the appearance of your furniture we would recommend the use of blinds, particulary in south facing conservatories.

We would advise that where our furniture is used in conjunction with any wooden laminate flooring, that felt pads are fixed to all contact areas.

Cane is a natural product which is grown in the rain forests of south east asia, shade variations and finish may differ throughout each item. These characteristics are a unique feature of cane and rattan which enhances the overall appearance of these products.

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Mgm After Care

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